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YouTube removes and restores Anthony Pompliano's bitcoin bull channel

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Video-sharing platform YouTube removed 251,000 subscribers from Anthony Pompano Pompliano, co-founder of Morgan Creek Digital and host of The Pomp Podcast, before being reinstated.


Video-sharing platform YouTube removed 251,000 subscribers from Anthony Pompano Pompliano, co-founder of Morgan Creek Digital and host of The Pomp Podcast, before being reinstated. In an October 11 update on his Twitter account, Pompliano-Bull for Bitcoin (BTC), known for his interviews, training courses from skeptics and others on cryptocurrencies, said that he had received a message from YouTube claiming that he recently did a live broadcast. with the creator of the stock model. PlanB promotes "illegal activities". The entire Pompliano channel was unavailable for about two hours before being brought back to the platform, and all videos in BTC and crypto are publicly viewable.

"[YouTube] first said that content, interviews with Bitcoin, was dangerous and dangerous," Pomp said. "Then they said we would get a warning but then I got a second email saying the channel was deleted seconds later." According to Pomp, he did not receive a "reprimand" - a violation of YouTube's community guidelines; three warnings in 90 days can lead to deletion of the last channel - and at first glance the video has no dubious content or anything. However, the platform's policy states that it reserves the right to remove channels for "one-time serious harassment incidents" or for accounts with content, including hate speech, harassment, or identity theft.

Previously, YouTube targeted crypto-related content on the platform, with its algorithm labeling videos in BTC and other cryptocurrencies as “dangerous content” and letting reviewers review all grounds for objection. In Pomp's case, he managed to catch the attention of the YouTube support team on Twitter within minutes - probably because of his 1.1 million followers and verified accounts. However, other crypto content creators have reported days of waiting after exiting their channels in the same way. The seemingly arbitrary deletion of major player accounts in the crypto space underscores the risks of relying on a centralized platform like YouTube. Last week, Facebook, Instagram and WhatsApp were offline for about six hours, which is likely to disrupt the community's commitment to crypto and blockchain projects.

In addition, YouTube has been at the center of efforts to remove misinformed health videos related to the COVID-19 pandemic. In August, the platform announced that it had removed more than a million videos with "dangerous coronavirus information" since February 2020. Video is fast becoming the primary medium of communication on the Internet, with research showing that users typically watch more than 10 hours a week. But whether it's a four-second meme on TikTok, a four-minute joke on Facebook, or a four-hour live stream on YouTube, there's one big problem: creators have to work under the conditions of a centralized tech giant.

Now decentralized video platforms want to shake things up a bit - by ensuring that the revenue generated by ads goes to the people who upload the videos, and content control is left to the community. The Pocketnet blockchain is managed by the same nodes, in a way that is not dissimilar to how cryptocurrencies work. Deals allow users to post content, choose video quality, promote videos, and subscribe to their favorite creators. This approach – which the company will highlight in a number of exclusive live shows called “Take the Internet Back” which you can sign up for here in June – helps create a call-based system where the best upload the highest earn rewards.

In an unusual change that sets Pocketnet apart from other video sharing platforms, users make a minimum payment on PKOIN, the ecosystem's native cryptocurrency, which is hosted for six months. After this period, videos that do not meet the minimum popularity bar will be removed unless additional hosting coins are paid. Pocketnet's goal is to ensure that those running remote servers are rewarded for their efforts - thereby eliminating free public resources that could be abused by others. His approach helps develop large computing capacities without having to rely on Amazon Web Services.

The Pocketnet blockchain serves as a consensus level on the platform, and servers are pushed to provide a high level of service to streamers. Failure to act in the best interests of the network can result in the loss of their reputation, among other penalties. “Big tech companies have lost people's trust – they take too much money and power and leave nothing to consumers,” the project told. “The invention of Bitcoin forever changed the world of the Internet and finance. Pocketnet made sure we got the most out of the Satoshi concept to open the gateway to the decentralized Internet. In the last 12 months, Pocketnet has left beta - and launched a fully decentralized social network without a central server, meaning its infrastructure is only supported by crypto nodes.

With a view to the future, the team wanted to approach WhatsApp by starting an encrypted messaging service with encrypted links, which should serve as a "truly private and decentralized alternative to WhatsApp-like". It will appear in the second half of June. Developers are also working on the NFT 3.0 project, which will pave the way for more innovative approaches to trading irreplaceable tokens. The infrastructure ensures that only artwork visualizations are available on the NFT during the sale process, i.e. the winner receives an encrypted copy of the entire work and the key to decrypt the NFT. This issue is supposed to take place in July.

Other events in June include an exclusive live event for cryptocurrency enthusiasts with limited space, called “Take the Internet Back”. A total of four live sessions are planned for June 10, June 17, June 24 and June 29. The broadcast will allow viewers to learn more about how the Pocketnet blockchain works, and speakers will include the lead developer and some surprised guests. Apart from being exclusive, there will be no full recording of the event available behind closed doors. Those interested in the event can register on the Pocketnet website.

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