Winklevoss: The whole FANG group will adopt crypto in two years time

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Winklevoss The whole FANG group will adopt crypto in two years time

The famous Winklevoss brothers believe, that in 2021 all companies from the so-called FANG groups will have already entered the cryptocurrency market.

Libra is a prototype

FANG is an unofficial term for the four American online giants: Facebook, Amazon, Netflix and Google. In an interview with CNBC, which they gave on July 9, Gemini exchange owners said it was a matter of time until other big players started their own cryptocurrencies: According to our forecasts, every company from the FANG group will launch a project related to cryptocurrencies in the next two years. Not so surprisingly, the discussion started after the subject of Libra, the cryptocurrency created by Facebook, came into the picture. Concerning legal matters, it is still a young project and it's not entirely stable yet. Politicians, lawyers and developers have appealed to Mark Zuckerberg to suspend the work on the coin. Uncertainty also applies to the financial sector, as Libra is believed to have the potential to combat the banking system.

Openness for new products

Winklevoss brothers, despite their animosity towards Zuckerberg, are extremely favourable to the idea of ​​Libra. They are even ready to adopt it on their own exchange. The only condition is that it should not have encountered any legal obstacles.
We will assess the Libra as soon as possible. It could be a coin that we will accept on our own exchange. If the protocol is open, then why not - said Tyler Winklevoss.
The brothers' opinion is shared by Tom Lee, a well-known Bitcoin supporter, who claims that technology giants should appear with cryptocurrency projects in the near future. It will emphasize, in his opinion, the fact that digital currencies are increasingly important in today's world.