Winklevoss brothers want to reconciliate with Zuckerberg

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Tyler and Cameron Winklevoss have always been supportive of the cryptocurrencies. Now they want to forget old animosities for the sake of this industry.

Crypto-supporting twins

The world has come to know Winklevoss brothers mostly because of their fights with Mark Zuckerberg. They have accused him of stealing their idea of a social-media platform - Facebook. However, the most important is that they had started investing in Bitcoin when it cost $8. Brothers have supported the cryptocurrency industry from its very beginnings, and they have created their crypto exchange - Gemini - soon after. Right now Tyler and Cameron say that old animosities are ancient history. What's more, they seem to be very positive about Libra, Mark Zuckerberg's cryptocurrency. they have even asked Facebook to join Libra project's consortium. They're still waiting for an answer, though.

Future with crypto

Cameron Winklevoss claims that in the coming years, leading normal life will not be possible without cryptocurrencies. For now, it may not be like that yet, but the fact is that more and more payments with cryptocurrencies are allowed. One of the brothers adds that an important competitor of Facebook, in the subject of its cryptocurrency, might be Amazon. In his opinion, Jeff Bezos' company is not so entangled in personal data scandals and inspires greater confidence. He also referred to rumours about Walmart, which would also like to launch its token. Winklevoss believes that tokenization may be a popular procedure among large companies very soon.