Will Ripple's Value Be Around $100 Per Coin?

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Ripple's ( XRP) price still fluctuates around $0.5 per coin, but, unlike Bitcoin (BTC), there are no restrictions when it comes to its delivery.

Ripple is considered to be the main cryptocurrency rival of Bitcoin. These two digital currencies share a few fundamental features, but it is also apparent that, in some respects, XRP is different from BTC. Firstly, it offers a faster settlement for the transaction and it is not dependent on just one company. And secondly, while Bitcoin is a decentralized digital currency, Ripple is a transactional network - a platform with its own XRP cryptocurrency.

Can Ripple go up to $100?

Many people think that it is possible for Ripple to achieve the value of $100 per coin. Their beliefs are based on the following assumptions:
  • - unlike other cryptocurrencies, Ripple was created with transactions in mind
  • - as we noted above, the transactions for Ripple are quite fast (about 4 seconds) while in the case of other digital currencies the whole process takes a bit longer
  • - transaction fees are relatively low

Ripple disadvantages

One of the main reasons why Ripple may have difficulty in reaching the ceiling of $100 is its unlimited supply. Many people would probably agree with the statement that an excessive amount of a given cryptocurrency will not help it rise in value. What might also be a threat to Ripple is any newly created currency with better methods of solving problems. Stricter regulations that are applicable to cryptocurrencies, which are in force in China, South Korea or India (the main economies in the world) are the next barrier that should be taken into consideration. It should be remembered that the cryptocurrency market is very changeable and therefore we cannot fully predict what will happen to it... Although Ripple has many advantages, it encounters quite a few obstacles on its way and achieving a price of $100 will not happen in the nearest future. Perhaps in the distant future it may be possible for the XRP to reach a ceiling like that, but at the moment it is unrealistic. What do you think about it? Do you agree with this statement? Share your opinions in the comments, because maybe your stance on the subject is different.