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Why you should buy bitcoin in 2020 ? 10 reasons

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Bitcoin certainly changes the world. Bitcoin supporters are able to name a long list of reasons why BTC is the future of money. Among other things, it solves privacy problems, centralizes money in the bank and transfers economic power back to the people. Here are some concrete reasons why Bitcoin is the future.

bitcoin pow proof of work

Bitcoin as a new class of assets

Bitcoin is a new class of assets. In addition to the known investment opportunities such as stocks, bonds, real estate, a new kind appears - cryptocurrencies. BTC is constantly growing and is considered to be a new completely different asset class. Companies such as Bakkt are introducing institutional investment opportunities in Bitcoin. In addition, cryptocurrencies are beginning to appear in investment fund portfolios, and it is only a matter of time before they appear in pension funds. 

High independence

Bitcoin is independent of other markets. When the exchanges fall down, BTC is not affected. This is of course a general statement, but the very fact that Bitcoin is the answer to the last crash shows that it can become an escape during the next one. It gives the opportunity to diversify investments in a place totally independent of banks.

Limited supply

Bitcoin is not subject to as much inflation and devaluation as FIAT currencies. A cryptocurrency cannot be "printed", and its inflation is pre-calculated by halving and is currently 1.8%. This means that its level is currently less than, for example, USD.

Bitcoin is digital gold

Bitcoin is digital gold. The oldest cryptocurrency is defined in this way because of its similarity to traditional gold. It is a universal currency that is not controlled by any government or entity, is difficult to extract, and exists in limited supply, which increases its value. In addition, it is not subject to inflation and its storage is much simpler than that of gold, all you need is a virtual wallet. Moreover, 0.25 BTC and 25 BTC can be stored on exactly the same wallet.

Bitcoin privacy

It can't be confiscated. Unlike any savings or assets held, the government cannot confiscate or freeze BTCs in custody. Knowing his key, only the owner is able to make changes to his cryptocurrency wallet.

Network infrastructure

The infrastructure of the BTC itself is still growing very much. More and more well-known companies, global concerns, and banks are experimenting or introducing Blockchain technology into their networks. Additionally, more and more people associate Bitcoin, and more and more places enable payment with Bitcoin.

Bitcoin is a decentralized currency

Bitcoin is decentralized. This means that it is controlled by an equivalent network. No one is able to influence the stopping or limiting of BTC. Governments can only impose restrictions or limitations. The Bitcoin network itself will continue to operate.

Bitcoin can push out fiduciary currencies

It makes humanity independent of fiduciary currencies. It shows that there is a possibility of payments uncontrolled by the government and that the currency can be resistant to hyperinflation and corruption. All this is possible because of the system in which Bitcoin and all the other cryptocurrencies are embedded.

The innovation of technology

Bitcoin forces us to reflect and think about how FIAT currencies work and why people agree to such a system. It encourages people to learn about Blockchain technology and presents a completely new mechanism of money in the future.

High growth potential

It will most likely increase its value. Within 11 years, Bitcoin becomes the best asset to invest. Despite large fluctuations in exchange rates, in the long run, it is one of the safest places to invest.

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