Who created Ethereum?

Ethereum is a platform for Ether (ETH) cryptocurrency. It's based entirely on blockchain technology, which is used to conclude smart contracts using a decentralized peer-to-peer network.   The platform was created in 2013 by a 19-year-old Vitalik Buterin, a Canadian developer with Russian roots. A talented programmer from Toronto became interested in Bitcoin in 2011. He abandoned his greatest passion - the World of Warcraft, a computer game, and devoted himself entirely to the subject of cryptography. Initially, he created guidebooks and blog articles on the functioning of the entire industry of virtual tokens. His enormous potential was noticed by many specialists and at the end of 2011, he was offered interesting cooperation. He was to become a co-owner of huge internet service - Bitcoin Magazine. Vitalik took advantage of the opportunity and became one of the creators of the magazine, which to this day is developing at an alarming pace, also publishing its paper version. In 2013, Buterin began working on his own cryptocurrency - a platform that would go beyond the possibilities offered by Bitcoin. He published a whitepaper describing an alternative technology designed for every developer who would like to build decentralized applications. This system was called Ethereum. The system was launched on July 30th, 2015, where 11.5 million ETH coins were put up for sale. At that time, ICO collected over 18 million dollars, which at that time was an unimaginable sum for a new, yet unknown project. Ethereum today is one of the most important digital currencies, and its strong market position allows its creators to look into the future with optimism. More information about Vitalik Buterin can be found on our website, Tokeneo News.