Where to buy Bitcoin? What to pay attention for?

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Currently, the market allows you to buy its hundredths and even thousandths, which means that you only need to have several dozen zlotys to become the owner of your part of Bitcoin.

where should i buy bitcoin

Below there will be presented ways how you can buy cryptocurrency paying attention to the most important factors:

- security

- difficulty level

- costs

- anonymity

Before this happens, however, you should pay attention to the fact that you have your own Bitcoin wallet. Having it gives you wider possibilities of buying cryptocurrency. Detailed information about the wallets and their types are described here.

Cryptocurrency Exchange

This is the most popular place. Regardless of the choice of exchange, the purchase process is very similar and is associated with registration and submission of the purchase order.

  • Security - choosing one of the largest stock exchanges operating in the world or in Poland the risk of fraud is very low. A much greater danger may result from a mistake made during the order, which may result in more expensive purchase of cryptocurrency. It should be remembered, however, that Bitcoins are on the Exchange wallet, which only gives access to them. So when the stock market goes down funds will be lost.
  • Difficulty - setting up an account is simple. Placing a purchase order may be problematic, but most exchanges have videos that explain how to do this.
  • Costs - setting up an account and payments are free on most of the most popular exchanges. Transaction costs are below 1%, so the overall purchase price of Bitcoin is very low.
  • Anonymity - if the exchange does not require verification, the purchase is impersonal, however, by connecting the card, anonymity is lost.

Currency instant exchanges 

Currently there are stationary or on-line exchange offices. Internet ones are much more convenient and buying Bitcoin with them is quite simple. Remember to use only reputable and reliable bureaux de change, e.g. a tokeneo bureau.

  • Security - by choosing reputable, large exchange offices, as in the case of stock exchanges, the risk of cheating is very low. All the more at stationary outlets.
  • Difficulty - the online purchase process is not complicated. As with exchanges, you can find instructional videos or ask for support. In stationary points help will be in place.
  • Costs - very difficult to determine. Most exchange offices have a commission included in the cryptocurrency rate, and there are transaction costs. The purchase price is certainly higher than for cryptocurrency exchanges.
  • Anonymity - some online currency exchange offices require verification. In the case of stationary points, the transaction is anonymous when buying for cash.

Bitcoin ATM's

More and more popular. They work and look very similar to ATMs, but instead of connecting to a bank account they connect to the cryptocurrency wallet. The current list of bitomats from the area can be viewed at http://shitcoins.club.

  • Security - the transaction itself is secure, the only risk is a mistake.
  • Difficulty - the service itself is similar to ATMs - so it's not complicated. If necessary, you can find instructional videos on the internet.
  • Cost - commissions depending on the manufacturer range from 3.5 - 6%.
  • Anonymity - when you buy in a bitomat using cash, the transaction is anonymous.

Direct Exchange - personal trade

 Another option is direct exchange with another person. There are platforms where Bitcoin offers can be found. One of the best known is https://localbitcoins.com.

  • Security - this is a rather risky method. It is not known who you can meet and what plans you can have.
  • Difficulty - transferring money.
  • Costs - depends on the offer.
  • Anonymity - when buying for cash, the transaction is anonymous.

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