What will happen after Bitcoin’s halving?

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Bitcoin halving is a hot topic in cryptocurrency industry at this moment. There were many theories lately created that are connected with the halving itself. Check most interesting theories we’ve gathered! 

halving bitcoin

Christopfer Bendiksen from Coin Shares published a report, where he reported most popular scenarios for Bitcoin after halving.

Miners to capitulate

The first theory says, that Bitcoin mining will simply fall.

Bendiksen said, that collapse of Bitcoin mining is not much likely to happen. However, it would have a fatal outcome. In his report he talked about basic Bitcoin functions - mining difficulty, which adapts each 216 blocks extracted. Bitcoin was constructed in such way, that a block can be created every 10 minutes. If the process happens faster, Bitcoin mechanism increases the difficulty. Because of that happening, when most of Bitcoin miners would turn off their hardware, the difficulty would properly adapt.

Theories saying that Bitcoin miners will quit the market are just myths. Some of them might have left the market already, but those who plan to continue their work, for sure prepared themselves with better hardware.

Market manipulation

Another interesting theory is that experienced investors would drive beginners in FOMO. Bitcoin market has many speculators, counting on high income in small amount of time. Opinions published by analysts are like machine, that drives many people purchase intentions.

Halving will cause recession on Bitcoin

At the moment, when Bitcoin will fall below renting level ROI, miners will be forced to sell their assets. This in fact can cause drastic price decline. It would for sure negatively impact cryptocurrency market.

What are your thoughts about Bitcoin’s halving? Let us know!