Wallmart Will Use Blockchain To Track the Shrimp Supply

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Walmart, an American retail giant, has announced that, together with IBM, it will run a pilotage, in which it is to take advantage of blockchain technology in order to track the supply of shrimp from Indian producer - Andhra Pradesh.

All this within the framework of the IBM Food Trust project. This platform allows sharing and verifying product information, as well as tracking data in real time. It should be noted, that Walmart has been working with IBM to improve the transparency of food supply chains since 2017. Currently, the focus of the American retailer is on strengthening customer confidence in seafood.


Blockchain technology will be used to track shrimp from Indian farmers to foreign retailers. It is worth adding, that as much as 46% of this export is absorbed by the United States. Unluckily, seafood supply chains are often very complex, which increases the distrust people may have to the quality of the products delivered. Blockchain will play a key role here, as this technology will allow Indian shrimp suppliers to meet strict American dietary standards.

"Blockchain is able to benefit both local farmers and producers. This technology will help transform the food system, guaranteeing the highest quality products." 

 - added Paul Dyck (Walmart's Vice President for International Government Affairs).

Even though this will be the first pilotage of this type carried out in cooperation with Indian shrimp breeders, it is worth knowing that IBM Food Trust has already been used for a similar project. In May, the Sustainable Shrimp Partnership (SSP) joined the platform's ecosystem to also achieve greater transparency in seafood chains using blockchain.