Vitalik Buterin – the Creator of the Ethereum

Vitaly Dmitriyevich "Vitalik" Buterin is a recognizable figure in the world of cryptocurrencies - he is the person who created Ethereum, the world's second-most cryptocurrency platform after Bitcoin.

Vitalik Buterin was born in Russia and lived there until he was six years old. Then, together with his parents, he emigrated to Canada. The founder of the Ethereum has already had extraordinary skills in the third grade of primary school and was immediately placed in the class for talented students. Buterin's interests were closely related to mathematics; when he was attending elementary school he had already been able to sum three-digit numbers in his mind twice as fast as his peers. The next stage of his education was a private high school in Toronto. During this period science was his highest priority. It was then that he discovered his passion for programming. In 2012 he won a bronze medal at the international IT Olympiad, and at that time he was already thinking of creating Ethereum. Vitalik Buterin described its concept for the first time in the white paper at the end of 2013. He also began his studies at the University of Waterloo, but he dropped out quickly when he received a $100,000 Thiele scholarship. It gave him a chance to develop his own project, so he started to work on Ethereum full-time. Before the creation of this concept, Vitalik Buterin wrote website articles strictly related to Bitcoin. After its closure, he got a job offer in the editorial office of Bitcoin Magazine where he began his career as a publicist. Later he wrote for Bitcoin Weekly and Ledger as well. Buterin suggested that Bitcoin required a scripting language for the development of applications, but he didn't manage to gain agreement on this issue. Then, he came up with an idea to create his own platform. Ethereum is referred to as both a decentralized mining network and a programming platform. It facilitates the creation of new cryptocurrencies and programs which share single blockchain. The Ethereum project was released in 2014. Vitalik Buterin's team included Charles Hoskinson, Gavin Wood, Joe Lubin, Anthony Di Iorio and Mihai Alise. A year ago Buterin was accused of owning a significant part of ETH, but he revealed the address of his cryptocurrency wallet, which showed that he possesses less than 0.9% of this currency. Vitalik Buterin has also accumulated other projects based on the Open Source software, including Pybitcointools and Kryptokit.