US Air Force starts a partnership with Constellation Network

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Large databases can be challenging for any organization. Blockchain technology may be an alternative solution to this problem.

According to Constellation Network's press release, the company has signed an agreement with the United States Air Force (USAF). All of this is a part of the Small Business Innovation Research (SBIR). The program was created to help enterprises develop and conduct research. The main assumptions of the project show that it is supposed to support technological innovation, which in turn will contribute to strengthening the national economy. The task of the blockchain startup is to create interoperability between USAF and SBIRConstellation Network also announced that it will focus on decentralized security of data protocols belonging to USAF.

Big Date needs new solutions

Benjamin Diggles (Vice President of Business Development at Constellation Network) notes, that the USAF has a lot of information from sources such as drones, airplanes and satellites. This data must be properly secured. The ease of sending consolidated reports would be a big step within the defence apparatus. Constellation Network will, therefore, focus on providing secure and scalable solutions for processing large databases.

Governmental organizations have the opportunity to push innovation forward. The cooperation of the United States with young companies and the implementation of new solutions is an example of a huge change on the part of the public sector.

- adds Benjamin Diggles.

Attacks on centralized systems such as EquifaxIRS or Visa are a great example of the need for a new approach to handling Big Date in both enterprises and governments.