Uruguay Is To Use Blockchain To Expand Marijuana Supplies!

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On September 25, the Aeternity blockchain startup announced that it has established cooperation with Urugway Can in order to create a platform for managing cannabis supply chains. 

According to the issued press release, the new solution should make it possible to track and register different kinds of cannabis, from seeds to the final product. IoT and blockchain technology will be used for this purpose, providing security as well as confidence in the quality of medical and recreational marijuana.


It should be noted, that in December 2013 Uruguay became the first country in the world to completely legalize the production and sale of marijuana. As a consequence, this country has become an innovator in this case in the whole region. The first pilot tests will start in October and end in January 2020. The full implementation is scheduled for mid-2021. Eduardo Blasina (the CEO of Uruguay Can) admitted that the cooperation with Aeternity is a milestone for the entire industry. He also added that he is full of pride because his company is the first in Uruguay that can guarantee the quality of products in a transparent and verifiable way.

"The ability to trace the source and the way cannabis is produced is beneficial for both the cannabis and pharmaceutical industry as well as its consumers and end users, who should feel more secure about the product that they are consuming. Aeternity technology is ideal for tracking the entire cannabis production process, from seed to full plant growth, throughout the entire supply chain, which ensures consumer safety while complying with regulations."

- said  (the CEO of Aeternity.

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