Ukrainian Atomic Power Plant Workers Arrested for Mining Cryptocurrencies

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Czym jest Mining Pool?

Employees of the Ukrainian atomic power plant were detained by security service agents. By using the plant's resources to mine cryptocurrencies they disclosed top-secret state data.

According to local media, this event took place in the south of Ukraine, in the city of Yuzhnoukrainsk. The proceedings, in this case, have been ongoing since July 10 this year. Power plant employees connected their own cryptocurrency miners based on GPU graphics cards to the Internet. As a result, they unknowingly contributed to the disclosure of information about the physical security measures of the nuclear facility, and thus, violated the state secret. A search of the entire workplace was also commissioned - it resulted in mining equipment being found in other sections of the plant as well. All cryptocurrency miners have been confiscated.

Cryptocurrency mining in the workplace

It is not the first case of mining cryptocurrencies 'illegally'. Due to the fact that the process of mining consumes a large amount of energy, many people are looking for alternative solutions not to pay for electricity. A group of engineers from the Federal Nuclear Center in Russia was arrested last year on charges of attempting to use the plant's computing power for their own purposes (including Bitcoin mining).