Two Satoshi Nakamoto's Books on Amazon

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Two books written by Satoshi Nakamoto has been added to the offer of Amazon, an online shopping site.

About books

The descriptions of the books show that they will be put on sale on June 28. The titles of the books are: "Wave and Ripple Design Book" and "The Official Bitcoin Coloring Book". The column describing the author of both books clearly indicates that it is the same Satoshi Nakamoto who is behind the introduction of Bitcoin:
Satoshi Nakamoto is a well-known creator of Bitcoin. The sale proceeds will be donated to further support scientific research and educational work for disabled young people.
The descriptions also show that the books contain jokes about the industry that are known only to the cryptocurrency community, as well as the myths about Satoshi Nakamoto himself. For example, one of the jokes points out to the Japanese roots of the author's nick and to the fact that Ripple originates from there:
A great selection of waves and ripples recommended by Satoshi Nakamoto, the well-known creator of Bitcoin. The illustrations are based on the works of Japanese artist Mori Yuzan. [...] The patterns were often used by Japanese craftsmen to decorate the dishes in the early twentieth century.

The creator of Bitcoin

It is probable, that the biggest mystery in the entire cryptocurrency industry since 2009 is the question of who Satoshi Nakamoto really is. For 10 years, many people have claimed that they themselves introduced Bitcoin to the market. The most significant example is that of Craig Wright, who has been called a fraud many times because of this. There is no explicit proof that he would stand behind it after all. He caused a great disturbance with this declaration, especially in the case of Bitcoin SV, which many cryptocurrency exchanges withdrew from their offer.