Turkish government plans to create a national cryptocurency

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Turkey's new economic plan includes the launch of a national cryptocurrency. The local central bank is already working on the project.

Turkish government ideas

Turkey's plan for the national economy was announced earlier this week. It covers government ideas for years 2019-2023. It's supposed to help bring the Turkish economy to an even higher level. The most important points included in this plan seem to be those related to blockchain and cryptocurrencies. The speech also mentions the fact that the central bank of Turkey plans to create a national virtual currency. However, this is not the main point of this program. Blockchain also appears in a place where issues related to law and infrastructure are being considered. According to the government, it is also possible to improve public services thanks to this technology. No details, however, have appeared on how the blockchain implementation should take place.

Return to the old plans

The idea of a Turcoin appeared in early 2018. There were not too many details - it is known that former Minister of Industry, Ahmet Kenan Tanrikulu, stood behind the project. Now the idea has returned to the government agenda after President Erdogan has dismissed the head of the central bank. In his opinion, the bank will now play a much more important role in creating the national economy. The plan is not based only on blockchain and cryptocurrencies, but they certainly have a big impact on other government ideas.