Trump: China and Europe Manipulate Currencies, and So Should We

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As usual, the president of the United States posts about important ideas on his Twitter. This time he referred to what, according to him, is a manipulation of currencies by China and Europe.

Twitter discussion

Everything is included in one tweet that has already caused a flood of speculations. Donald Trump, according to experts, intentionally exploits the decline in the value of the dollar. Others are of the opinion that this is tantamount to an appeal for the fastest acquisition of Bitcoin. It has to be said though that only the president knows what was in his mind when he was writing this post; And yet only a month ago Donald Trump's administration made a list of nine countries that he considers suspicious in this matter. It was not about presenting any accusations - according to the American administration, there were no grounds to do so -, but the list contains countries that should be looked upon, and China is not here.

Reactions around the world

The president's entry immediately triggered a reaction throughout Europe. One of the experts dealing with stock exchange operations gave an interview to CNBC, in which he expressed concern that the US government might hit countervailing tariffs. In addition, other experts on the subject have suggested that Trump's "attack" on China is quite surprising. First, they still remember recent actions of the government, which excluded China from the list of suspects. Secondly, the yuan has not been a victim of manipulation for many years. Another conclusion from all this discussion may be something else - manipulation with your own fiat currencies can lead to people naturally discovering that cryptocurrencies are safer assets.