Top 5 cryptocurrencies under $10!

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Generation Z is Not Interested in Cryptocurrencies

The most popular cryptocurrencies are Bitcoin and Ethereum. There is no doubt, however, that there are many other tokens that have incredible potential. The list of the top five cryptos of the future was recently shared by a blogger - Cryptonite.

Cryptonite is a well-known blogger and enthusiast, as well as a specialist in the world of virtual tokens. Recently, in the Hackernoon portal, he shared a list of the top 5 cryptos of the future. In his opinion, they have a large potential and can be a great long-term investment - in the next two years. What's important - all tokens listed by him have a price under $10.


The lack of transaction fees and duration shorter than 2 seconds are the key advantages of this cryptocurrency. Its network is based on a block-network structure (block lattice). Thanks to this solution, each user has their own blockchain. Nano has unlimited scalability, which - as you know - can solve one of the most common cryptocurrency problems in the world.

Stellar Lumens

The main advantages of this cryptocurrency include fast transactions (about 2 seconds) and low transaction fees. In the future, XLM may become a platform similar to Ethereum. Its competitive advantage lies in the fact that it is faster and cheaper to use than the second most popular cryptocurrency. It is not surprising that some entities have moved their projects from the traditional Blockchain ETH platform to Stellar Lumens. XLM is primarily used for fast transfer of funds, which is why it is increasingly used by giant companies, such as IBM.

Basic Attention Token (BAT)

BAT is a cryptocurrency created by Brendan Eich - co-founder of Mozilla Firefox and creator of popular JavaScript. Basic Attention Token can be used mainly by content creators, but also by advertisers and users of the Brave web browser (which automatically blocks ads).

BAT can be used in the aforementioned browser in many ways - including supporting content creators through donations and paid subscriptions as well as in-app purchases. You can also receive a virtual token in exchange for watching advertisements. According to Cryptonite, BAT technology can be introduced in a short time in popular browsers such as Google Chrome or Mozilla Firefox, to compensate advertisers and web developers for many Adblock users.


Cryptonite has mentioned in his article an investment in Verge. When he purchased this cryptocurrency (in summer, last year), its price was about $0.002. In December of 2017, the price increased to $0.19, so a well-known blogger recorded a significant return on investment. He also stated that XVG still has huge potential.

At this point, it is worth mentioning that Verge, as a technology, has partnered with Pornhub (among others), and its main advantages (such as hiding the location and identity of website users) make it very serious.


The last cryptocurrency pointed out by the blogger was EOS. The plan for this crypto is to become a competition for Ethereum in the near future, enabling the development of decentralized applications (DApps). Developers responsible for this technology ensure that it will also solve scalability issues.

Although Cryptonite himself is not convinced of all the advantages of this token, he believes that EOS will soon take an important place among the cryptocurrencies of the future.

Those cryptocurrencies have great potential to become a future of cryptocurrencies. Despite not being well-known their low prices, their fast development shows, how great they can become.