Three-time World Champion in Cycling Warns Against Cryptocurrency Cheaters!

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A great number of scam cases have been noted in the cryptocurrency space. For example, the fraudsters try to extort money from the cryptocurrency buyers by citing an influential person. In the case like that, the image of a public figure is used unlawfully, of course. Some time ago, a popular Slovak cyclist, Peter Sagan, fell victim to such an incident.

Peter Sagan warns against fake investment programs

An article has appeared in the network recently, reporting that one of the best Slovak cyclists had discovered a way that would make it possible for everyone to become a millionaire in the period of 3 to 4 months. What is more, the content underlines that Sagan urges all Slovak citizens to get involved in this particular investment so that they do not miss such a wonderful opportunity.

Everything was allegedly presented on a television show. It comes as no surprise that, obviously, everything was one big lie and another phishing scam!

"I categorically deny having any involvement, in any form, in what is mentioned in this article. I have never been in contact with any of the persons or companies mentioned and any allegation to the contrary is false."

- wrote Peter Sagan on his Twitter account.

How to recognize SCAM?

These types of articles are constantly appearing on the Internet. By illegally using the image of famous people, the culprits hope to gain credibility. In most cases, they tend to show fake shots from television programs which, in fact, have never been produced. After seeing the possibility to make a decent profit in a short period of time, the user is encouraged to invest while in fact, however, they are robbed of their money.

It is crucial to remember that these types of programs have nothing to do with the real cryptocurrency market and that the cheaters' main goal is to extort money, not to invest.

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