The Swiss Still Discuss Cryptocurrencies

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The Swiss Still Discuss Cryptocurrencies

The topic of the cryptocurrency in the United States is still relevant. A delegation from the US House Financial Services Committee will raise the issue of Libra in Switzerland.


A group of six from the House of Congress’ Financial Services Committee will meet in Switzerland with Adrian Lobsiger, who is the Swiss Federal Data Protection and Information Commissioner (FDPIC). The Libra project, that is the Facebook's cryptocurrency, will be the main topic of the meeting. According to the media, the meeting will take place on Friday, August 23. Maxine Waters from the Democratic Party, who is the head of the Commision, will be chairing the meeting. Waters was the one who called for putting works on Libra on hold until there was clarity in legal regulations. In addition, it was Waters who chaired the debate on this issue that took place in Congress in July. It was then, that David Marcus, responsible for the Libra project, took the initiative in helping the Swiss: "for the purposes of data and privacy protections, the Swiss Federal Data Protection and Information Commissioner (FDPIC) will be the Libra Association’s privacy regulator".
The meeting will be an opportunity to exchange views with our American colleagues on cryptocurrency. We can help each other in this topic without any problems, and also learn a lot from each other.
- believes, Christa Markwalder, an FDPIC adviser.

Opinion of the Commissioner

Adrian Lobsiger himself did not speak about cryptocurrency very often. In a statement published on his website, he expressed interest in Facebook's ideas for ensuring data security in the Libra project. Commissioners for the protection of personal data of various countries and institutions have already approved the statement. Lobsiger himself has not approved it yet, though. Before he shares his vies, he wants to meet the Americans.