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The Benefits of Affiliate System Using Blockchain Technology

Divya Khurana
The implementation of blockchain technology into the affiliate system is one of the beneficial revolutions in the cryptocurrency world.

Decentralized and centralized finance collaboration

Decentralized finance or DeFi has reached a point where they have confirmed their capabilities on disrupting traditional systems. Even though DeFi usually keep going against the traditional finance, the centralized operators are looking for ways to estimate the already established system.

Good decentralization to protect Defi

Hester Pierce of the U.S Securities and Exchange Commission also known as ‘Crypto mom’, has mentioned the precautions of flourishing “shadow-centralization” within the decentralized finance (DeFi) sector. Chris Blec the founder of DeFIWatch stated that decentralized organizations and DeFi are latest ideas for regulators and also, “having a peer-to-peer system that doesn’t have central intermediaries is very different from what we’re normally dealing with.”

New features revealed by WellBe Coin CEO & founder Anne-Mari...

The exclusive video interview with WellBe Coin CEO Anne-Marie Argemi took place last June 22nd 2021 on NomadFury Youtube channel. In this interview, Anne had shared something that was never been revealed before in their community and the expectations are way beyond and mind-blowing.

Chainlink (LINK) price is constantly rising upwards!

Although in recent days the prices of most of the leading cryptocurrencies were in stagnation, Chainlink astonished everyone, reaching successive peaks.

DeFi - Decentralised Finance in a nutshell

In this article we will learn you what is DeFi (Dentralized Finance), how it works, what are advantages of them and much more.