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New features revealed by WellBe Coin CEO & founder Anne-Mari...

The exclusive video interview with WellBe Coin CEO Anne-Marie Argemi took place last June 22nd 2021 on NomadFury Youtube channel. In this interview, Anne had shared something that was never been revealed before in their community and the expectations are way beyond and mind-blowing.

Bitcoin’s price drops again after Elon Musk hinted that cryp...

On Saturday, Tesla CEO Elon Musk tweets that the prices of cryptocurrencies are excessively high. The crypto market has its biggest slide since March to as much as 17% where Bitcoin failed again to break past $41,000 and plunged down to $37,000.

Alibaba Signed Blockchain-based Deal with Biggest Chinese Po...

The e-commerce giant Alibaba has partnered with China's largest port operator to strengthen the adoption of blockchain in the logistics industry.

Italian government will protect 'Made in Italy' products by...

Italy is one of the countries most affected by the economic crisis caused by COVID-19. It is slowly starting to recover the economy. Among the programmes aimed at improving the situation, there is a project to combat counterfeiting and its key aspect is the development and implementation blockchain technology.

South Korean University Announces Blockchain Campus

The University of Daegu has made an agreement with the Korean Artificial Intelligence Association to create a campus for people interested in blockchain technology.

Mastercard joined Blockchain Alliance - ID2020

Mastercard, has joined the ID2020 Alliance, a global company whose main goal is to create a digital identity for every person in the world by 2030. According to the company this would improve quality of life.

Binance Come Back to China to promote Blockchain Technology

One of the most popular cryptocurrency exchanges, Binance, is returning to the Chinese market after China introduced a ban on cryptocurrencies trading in 2017. However, Binance's target this time is returning to China for another purpose. The company will develop and promote blockchain technology.

The Bank of China wants to adopt blockchain faster

Officials from the Bank of China are pushing for an accelerated adoption of the Blockchain Technology.

5 Best Blockchain-Based Games You Should Know

Marzena Karpiak
Blockchain-based games are gaining more and more popularity recently. CryptoKitties, for instance, turned out to be quite a sensation. Below is the list of other titles which might be interesting to you!

Losing Sleep Over Invoices? Blockchain Might Be Helpful!

Marzena Karpiak
IBM, a technology giant, has developed a unique tool that is supposed to automatize the process of concluding contracts for part-time jobs which will be beneficial for both employers and employees. And all that thanks to blockchain!

Blockchain Industry Helps the Victims of the Coronavirus

Marzena Karpiak
The CEO of Binance Cryptocurrency Exchange, Changpeng Zhao, has committed to give $1.5 million to people who fell victim of a dangerous virus which is currently spreading in China.

Cryptographic Valley in Dubai's Tax-Free Zone

Marzena Karpiak
The authorities of Dubai have announced that a cryptographic valley in the national Tax-Free Zone (no personal and legal income tax) will be launched. Thanks to the help of Swiss crypto-valley partners, Dubai will be offering different services, including startup incubators, blockchain trainings and coworking facilities.

An Asian Shipping Terminal Joins TradeLens

Marzena Karpiak
TradeLens is not slowing down as, some time ago, another large member joined the platform. In what way will blockchain technology help the platform solve the problems associated with the shipping industry?