Spectacular Craig Wright's Failure In the Court

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Spectacular Craig Wright's Failure In the Court

Various struggles have been going on for many months in the Bitcoin environment, sparking controversy. There have even been trials. One of them was brought by Craig Wright.

Craig Wright's disputes

Craig Wright is an extremely controversial figure in the cryptocurrency environment. He has been declaring for some time already, that he is the one responsible for the creation of Bitcoin. What is more, he has applied for copyright to it. On his Twitter account, he engaged in heated arguments with users who doubted his contribution to the case, and some of them he even sued. He acted in a similar way towards well-known figures from the industry. Wright filed a lawsuit against Roger Ver, a well-known advocate of Bitcoin Cash. On his social media, Ver supposedly accused Wright of bad intentions and presented his skepticism about Wright's credibility. Wright's trial against Peter McCormick is also still in progress. McCormick is an author of podcasts who questions in his materials the activities of the businessman. In addition, Wright threatened that on the same basis he sued John McAfee and the founder of Ethereum, Vitalik Buterin.

The judgment

Matthew Nicklin, a judge of the Supreme Court of the United Kingdom dismissed Wright's entire case against Roger Ver:
The plaintiff did not convince me that the United Kingdom is the best place to settle the defamation dispute mentioned above. The court, therefore, does not see any grounds on which the case could be considered. Case to close.
The judge added that the evidence provided was not subject to British jurisdiction. A better solution is to resolve this dispute in the United States.