South Korean University Announces Blockchain Campus

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The University of Daegu has made an agreement with the Korean Artificial Intelligence Association to create a campus for people interested in blockchain technology.

blockchain campus south korea

The blockchain campus

The University of Suseong in South Korea on 22nd May reached an alliance with the Korean Artificial Intelligence Association (KORAIA) to create a special campus dedicated to blockchain and AI technology.. This will be built in Daegu, the city where the university is located.

According to an announcement published by the local website Money Today, the university in Daegu is planning to teach on campus about blockchain, AI, big data and cloud technology in a brand new department. Recruitment is scheduled to begin in a few months.

Director of the University's Planning and Coordination Department - Kim Kun-woo, believes this is a great idea.. He said that the world is "changing fast", while blockchain and artificial intelligence have the potential to change society. The technological revolution can be accelerated by the global COVID-19 crisis.

We also find out that several blockchain companies from Daegu have agreed to organize training on campus. Their employees with practical knowledge will be teaching subjects on new technologies, which will certainly increase the quality of the teaching program.

South Korea is betting on blockchain

The South Korean government remains positive about the development of the blockchain industry.

On 17 April, Deputy Minister of Strategy and Finance, Koo Yun-cheol, said that the blockchain market represents a "golden opportunity" for South Korea, calling on private sector companies to exploit this potential.

Two South Korean ministries announced on March 17 support for the new technology market, planning to allocate up to 3.2 million dollars for the development of local startups to encourage them to use such technologies.

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