Singapore Warns About New Scamming Investment Scheme

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znaki drogowe scam alert

The Singaporean authorities are calling for caution. There are more and more Internet sources that through the image of public figures try to promote SCAM. Here they are!

On July 31, the Singaporean regulator with the assistance of the central bank of Singapore, issued a public warning about a website which, through an article containing falsified accounts, is trying to encourage users to invest in Bitcoin (BTC). This portal uses the image of local politician and former Prime Minister - Goh Chok Tong. The Monetary Authority of Singapore (MAS) said that the site misleads readers by taking things out of context and assigning them a completely different meaning. Special caution was recommended for users. A flashy headline of the article says: take advantage of the Singaporean politics investment methods to become rich in just one week. MAS also warns against the form placed on the website. The site tries to extort $250 from users, asking them to deposit funds on a trading platform called Bitcoin Loophole. Moreover, it asks them to provide their credit card number and bank account number.

More SCAM!

Authorities highlighted the fact that last year the same tactics were adopted by several other scammers. They used, among other things, the image of the local actor Shaun Chen, claiming that he gave up his career for virtual coins. The purpose of this type of articles was to extort money and data from users. Similar situation could be observed in Poland as well. Some time ago Robert Lewandowski, a famous football player, warned his fans against websites that illegally use his image to promote financial services with which he has nothing to do.