Samsung solves blockchain problems

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Korean technology giant, Samsung, launches three new products to solve blockchain-related problems.

Three problems, three solutions

In a press release on June 18, Samsung proposed a "3C" solution for customers with adopting blockchain technology difficulties. The company announced that new offers will concern the main areas of customer interest: Convergence combining business processes of various industries Connectivity between different blockchain networks, in different countries Free cloud-based development without the need to install a separate server and application In the release we can read:
When companies use blockchain technology, they have concerns about converged services in various industries, combining different blockchain technologies, easy application and blockchain expansion at the right time.

A cure for all evil

In the case of convergence, Samsung is introducing the Automatic Insurance Claim Service program. The proposed solution is to serve both the health and financial care industry. The tool should launch in August. However, to emphasize the connectivity possibilities, the company presented a pilot project, connecting networks of two airports in different countries, to exchange data on air cargo. Finally, Samsung announced that it will provide its clients with access to the cloud, the Nexledger Universal platform. The solution is to ensure easy and cheap development of blockchain activities.
We will expand our blockchain business with a cloud-based Nexledger Universal to support the digital transformation of corporate clients - commented Jeanie Hong, vice-president and leader of Blockchain Center at Samsung SDS.

Samsung in the blockchain arena

These are not Samsung's first activities related to blockchain technology. In April, the company informed about their plans to create its own Ethereum-based blockchain network. Also, at the beginning of the year, the company was planning to release its cryptocurrency wallet.