Samsung SDS Chooses Blockchain! What Will The Results Be?

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Samsung SDS started a partnership with Tech Mahindra and Pega company in order to jointly create a new blockchain-based solution targeted at many different industries. The companies want to combine this technology with the digital process automation. What will come out of it?


Business partnership details

As the press release issued by Business Wire states, the global leader in the field of digital solutions, Samsung SDS, operating as the IT department of a technology giant, has established cooperation with Pega, an American company, and with Tech Mahindra, an Indian conglomerate. As part of the so-called joint venture, two already existing platforms: Nexledger Universal owned by Samsung SDS, and Pega Platform will be combined.

These companies have an intention to create improvements in the supply chain systems by incorporating the Nexledger digital process automation platform. Tech Mahindra, on the other hand, will bring to the project the technological and industry knowledge it has. The system created that way is to be targeted at many industries, including: the insurance sector, banking, financial and public services, production or logistics.


The market needs unique solutions

Ted Kim (the Vice President of Blockchain Team at Samsung SDS America) believes that the cooperation with Tech Mahindra and Pega will enable the Nexledger platform to face new challenges and meet the constantly changing expectations of customers from the global market which means that ensuring warranty, authenticity, and consumer satisfaction are at stake.

"Together, we are demonstrating that trusted, immutable, distributed and decentralized Blockchain and Digital Process Automation are a dynamic, powerful combination."

- says Ted Kim.

According to the announcement, the main aim of the partnership is also to fill the gaps between stakeholders and to create a reliable network that will contribute to operational excellence. As Rajesh Dhuddua (Tech Mahindra's Global Head Blockchain) states, this technology has the highest potential for determining the origin of resources, information integrity or identity.


Long-lasting relations between companies

It should be noted, that Samsung established cooperation with Tech Machindra already in 2018. At that time, both companies focused on developing and popularizing the Nexledger platform on the Indian and international market. It is also worth adding that Tech Machindra and Pega joined forces in 2003 to build business tools for customer management.