Samsung Improves Blockchain Keystore

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Samsung Improves Blockchain Keystore

Samsung has placed Blockchain Keystore, a cryptocurrency wallet, in its flagship smartphone. It finally has the function that everyone was waiting for.

Cryptocurrencies in Samsung

Blockchain Keystore was known even prior to the presentation of the Samsung Galaxy S10, that took place on February 20. Screenshots from the new smartphone leaked to the Internet a few weeks earlier, indicating that one of the options that were supposed to be built into it would be a cryptocurrency wallet.

The attached images show that the only supported cryptocurrency in this wallet was, by default, Ethereum. And, as confirmed later, after the official premiere of the Galaxy S10, it was true. Samsung Blockchain Keystore not only gives customers control over their own data through a special platform but also, to ensure full security, all keys and information contained in the Keystore are not saved in the Samsung cloud (or in any other cloud).

Bitcoin in Keystore!

Now, the change that everyone was waiting for, has finally come - Samsung Blockchain Keystore started to support Bitcoin. On the Samsung website, in the tab regarding its wallet, we can finally find a note saying that it supports Ethereum, Bitcoin and the currency introduced by Korean Kakao - Klaytn. It is apparent, however, that its territory of operation is highly limited. In Europe, Keystore will only be available in Germany, Spain and Switzerland. In addition, it only applies to Samsung's flagship smartphones and versions related to them.