Presidential Candidate Wants Blockchain-Based Voting

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Kandydat na prezydenta chce głosowania na blockchainie

US presidential elections are getting close, and one of the candidates is disappointed that blockchain-based voting has not been introduced yet.

Candidate's profile

The aforementioned politician is Andrew Yang, a 44-year-old Taiwanese entrepreneur who announced that he was going to run in the presidential election almost two years ago. He is the founder of a non-profit organization called Venture For America. Its mission is to hire college graduates and prepare them for work in growing companies throughout the United States. From the very beginning, Andrew Yang has been building his campaign exclusively on the Internet, especially on portals such as Reddit, Twitter and Facebook. His main postulates in economic topics include maintaining current Wall Street regulations, establishing social media as a public tool, and eliminating automated telephone messages. He calls his policy "human-centered capitalism."

Electronic voting

However, in this topic, the most important issue seems to be potential electronic voting. Yang was to say that it was ridiculous that in 2020 we would still stand for hours in queues to vote. It is true that there have been only a few cases of voting lasting hours, but the fact is that electronic voting has the potential for great success. In addition, Yang has the opinion of a man who has technology in his blood, moreover, he is extremely supportive of innovations and solutions based on blockchain.
It is 100% technically possible to have fraud-proof voting on our mobile phones today using the blockchain. This would revolutionize true democracy and increase participation to include all Americans – those without smartphones could use the legacy system and lines would be very short.
- said Yang in an interview for Ethereum World News.