ZKSwap (ZKS)

Kup ZKSwap

Kurs ZKSwap:

0.61 zł

Kapitalizacja rynkowa

120 150 230.00 zł

Wolumen (24h)

16 097 781.00 zł

Podaż w obiegu

197440000 ZKS

All-Time High

24 988 596.03 zł

All-Time Low

0.051895 zł

Popularność wg CMC

Aktualny kurs ZKSwap ZKS wynosi 0.61 zł. W ciągu ostatnich 24 godzin kurs ZKSwap wzrósł o 1.79% a 24-godzinny wolumen tej kryptowaluty wynosi 16 097 781.00 zł. Kryptowaluta w ciągu ostatnich 24 godzin zanotowała najwyższą cenę na poziomie 0.62 zł, natomiast jej najniższy poziom wyniósł 0.59 zł. Najwyższa cena ZKSwap w wymiarze ostatnich 7 dni wyniosła 1.04 zł, a jej najniższy poziom wynosił 0.57 zł. Kurs ZKSwap w wymiarze ostatnich 30 dni zmalał o -62.68%.

Zkswap Cryptocurrency

It's a token exchange protocol, as well as a Layer-2 decentralized exchange (DEX), built using ZK-Rollup technology. ZKSwap runs on the Automated Market Maker (AMM) model, which can be used for free by Ethereum users. Users can trade ETH and other ERC-20 token types on ZKSwap, and receive ZKS (the blockchain management token) as part of the community mining process. Community mining ensures the liquidity and security of the ZKSwap blockchain infrastructure.
 Holders of ZKS tokens take part in the life of the exchange; they can vote for the listing of tokens, as well as influence the development and modification of the protocol. The scalability and confidentiality of the project is realized due to the ZK-Rollup technology and a set of uniswap functions implemented in Layer-2. 

What the problem Zkswap solves?

  • ZKSwap is an AMM-based Layer-2 DEX based on ZK-Rollups-a type of Level-2 scalable solution in the Ethereum network based on zero knowledge proof. The ZK-Rollup technology provides many advantages compared to similar solutions, including enhanced security, reduced cost, increased transactions per second (TPS), and increased privacy. It reduces the pressure on the main network by a large degree. 
  • ZKSwap is a decentralized project led by the community. The platform benefits are: decentralized, complete control over users' assets; no authorization requested for transactions, and a highly liquid process while maintaining a stable level of confidentiality; ultra high TPS due to the ZK-Rollup; liquidity providers and users do not have to pay high  gas fees. It operates as follows: the protocol is available via the application at zks.app and you need an Ethereum wallet to connect to it. Users trade tokens through Ethereum smart contracts and add assets to the ZKSwap liquidity pool The ZK-Rollups system bundles and processes user transactions off-chain at Level-2 and then syncs with the main network, eliminating low Ethereum throughput and high fees.
  • The ZKSwap architecture consists of a front-end user interface (UI),    on-chain smart contracts and an off-chain ZKSwap server (includes memory pool, block proposer, state keeper, prover server). The ZKSwap server is the module that handles all off-network transactions. The technological component is two main developments - Layer-2 server and Plonk zero-knowledge proof system.
  • Thanks to WebSocket, the ZKSwap server interacts with the platform users and the interface has a transaction tracking function. All approved requests go to the ZKSwap memory pool and are processed by the swap engine. As for the ZKSwap's zero-knowledge proof system, the technology relies on a distribution architecture and side-by-side developments to create evidence, namely the zero-knowledge proof algorithm - Plonk. ZKSwap status tree keeps a record of all account balances in the system.


ZKSwap team remains anonymous as of July 2021. According to information available, ZKSwap is developed by L2Lab, and its lead developer is Alex Lee, who has extensive experience developing smart contracts and zero knowledge proof research. ZKSwap employs about 20 qualified blockchain developers, many of whom joined the crypto industry in 2013. The team has investors from major Chinese VCs, including Bixin Capital, FBG Capital and Longling Capital.
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