Kup WINk

Kurs WINk:

0.001165 zł

Kapitalizacja rynkowa

1 118 219 317.00 zł

Wolumen (24h)

1 051 224 227.00 zł

Podaż w obiegu

961737300000 WIN

All-Time High

167 941.60 zł

All-Time Low

0.000194 zł

Popularność wg CMC

Aktualny kurs WINk WIN wynosi 0.001165 zł. W ciągu ostatnich 24 godzin kurs WINk spadł o -0.66% a 24-godzinny wolumen tej kryptowaluty wynosi 1 051 224 227.00 zł. Kryptowaluta w ciągu ostatnich 24 godzin zanotowała najwyższą cenę na poziomie 0.001190 zł, natomiast jej najniższy poziom wyniósł 0.001131 zł. Najwyższa cena WINk w wymiarze ostatnich 7 dni wyniosła 0.001639 zł, a jej najniższy poziom wynosił 0.001074 zł. Kurs WINk w wymiarze ostatnich 30 dni zmalał o -43.89%.

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Data aktualizacji: 2022-01-25 21:29:21


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What is wink?

The first TRON ecosystem comprehensive oracle WINkLink enables users to enjoy a fully integrated real-world and blockchain experience. It can provide reliable, unpredictable, and verifiable random numbers, and it can restore trust and improve user experiences by tapping into data, events, and payment systems etc. 

The WINk team completed the acquisition of on April 26, 2021, and WINkLink becomes the first TRON ecosystem comprehensive oracle. WIN, a TRON-based TRC20 token, will be the governance token of the WINkLink oracle network. 

Using games to bring in investors is a smart move by developers. It will give the desired circulation of the token into the mainstream. CEO of Binance considers GameFi and NFT combination as the next big thing in the  NFT evolution. Given the importance and innovative concept, Winklink and Apenet have partnered to make a great future on GameFi.

What problem wink solves?

  • Decentralized financial applications require token swaps and loan collateralization processes to provide prices, and WINkLink has a built-in price prediction system.
  • Allows developers to use real-world data, including but not limited to weather, sports, betting, and more. WINkLink helps to connect smart contracts to the real world. 


WIN has been listed on Binance, KuCoin, Poloniex, Bithumb, HitBTC, WazirX and many other well-known international exchanges.

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