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0.23 zł

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14 484 271 044.00 zł

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1 644 722 599.00 zł

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64315576989 VET

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4 848 905.95 zł

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0.007932 zł

Popularność wg CMC

Aktualny kurs VeChain VET wynosi 0.23 zł. W ciągu ostatnich 24 godzin kurs VeChain spadł o -9.77% a 24-godzinny wolumen tej kryptowaluty wynosi 1 644 722 599.00 zł. Kryptowaluta w ciągu ostatnich 24 godzin zanotowała najwyższą cenę na poziomie 0.26 zł, natomiast jej najniższy poziom wyniósł 0.23 zł. Najwyższa cena VeChain w wymiarze ostatnich 7 dni wyniosła 0.32 zł, a jej najniższy poziom wynosił 0.23 zł. Kurs VeChain w wymiarze ostatnich 30 dni zmalał o -34.42%.

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Kurs: 0.06 USDT
Kurs: 0.06 USDT
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Kurs: 0.06 USD

Vechain - basic information

Vechain is a platform that uses Blockchain technology with the primary purpose of tracking the supply chain. It allows you to check the authenticity and quality of the product from the perspective of each link in the production and logistics chain. This means that accurate information about a product is available to both the manufacturer and the distributor, seller and even the customer. Because the platform works in Blockchain technology, all data is available, transparent and readable without trusting a third party. The tracking process itself is carried out using the VeChain Identity (VID) system, which uses NFC, a QR code or an RFID transmitter to observe the chain. Currently, Vechain has its own network of blocks and the VET cryptocurrency based on it. In addition, the platform also has a VeThor Token (VHTO) utility token, which is used for smart contracts and transaction fees. It is worth noting that both VET and Vechain's own Blockchain have been operating since 2018. Previously, instead of VET tokens, VEN tokens based on the Ethereum blockchain, ie using the ERC20 algorithm, were used.

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The history of the creation of VeChain

The origins of VeChain date back to 2015, when the platform was founded by the Chinese developer Sunny Lu. The first tests took place in 2016, then still on the Ethereum network. Funding was necessary for the further development of the network. VeChain has chosen one of the most popular collection models at the time, namely the ICO. The public sale of tokens took place exactly between August 18 and 31, 2017. The subject of the collection was the VEN cryptocurrency, which at the time of switching to its own Blockchain, on June 31, 2018, was replaced by the currently functioning VET . In addition, when changing to your own network, a second VHTO utility token was created. Own Blockchain also allows you to build decentralized dApps applications, create smart contracts, and even run your own ICO within the VeChain blockchain.

Principle of operation

Vechain operates on the Proof of Authority (PoA) algorithm. It is a modification of the increasingly popular Proof of Stake (PoS) algorithm, which differs in partial network centralization. In practice, this means that the entire Thor network is based on 101 supervisory nodes, the so-called Authority Masternodes. Each of these nodes has been operating since December 2017 and has a minimum of 25 million VET units. You can start up your node, but this requires at least 1 million VETs, which should be blocked for at least 10 days. VET holders receive VHTO utility tokens in the ratio of 1: 000432 every day. Additionally, the supervisory nodes receive 30% of all transaction fees in the network.

Wallet for VeChain

The VeChain platform provides users with its official VeChain Thor Wallet mobile wallet. It is available for both android and IOS devices. VET cryptocurrency is also supported by other mobile multiwallets, including Trust Wallet and Atomic Wallet. In addition to mobile wallets, VeChain is also supported by the Ledger Nano S hardware wallet. However, this requires the VeForge Vault application. 

VeChain quotes

The VET cryptocurrency is in the 29th place in terms of capitalization. The historical peak of quotation (ATH) took place on January 22, 2018 and amounted to exactly 0.095517 USD. It is worth adding that this is the current value, because on August 6, 2018, the value of VET tokens was divided in the ratio of 1: 100. This means the previous ATH value was $ 9.55. VeChain is currently listed on 20 cryptocurrency exchanges. Its daily turnover is around USD 108 million, of which over 50% is on the OceanEx exchange and less than 20% on Binance. In addition, VET is listed on several of the most popular exchanges, including Huobi, Bittrex, Bitfinex, Kucoin.

What Makes VeChain Unique? 

VeChain exists to disrupt traditional supply chain models, an industry which before blockchain had remained little changed over the decades.

Using transparent technology with no single point of weakness or control allows for greater security, efficiency and ease of tracking products in a given supply chain, while reducing cost through trustless automation. VeChain's model thus appeals to businesses looking to reduce supply chain friction and give a more transparent impression to clients. VeChain's official literature notes that its unique proposition lies in its dual-token setup, among other features. In-house token fees combine with charges for various services to generate operating income for the company, while token holders can engage in activities such as staking, thus providing liquidity in return for rewards.


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