Aragon (ANT)

Kup Aragon

Kurs Aragon:

24.76 zł

Kapitalizacja rynkowa

977 601 591.00 zł

Wolumen (24h)

251 802 092.00 zł

Podaż w obiegu

39609522 ANT

All-Time High

56.42 zł

All-Time Low

1.43 zł

Popularność wg CMC

Aktualny kurs Aragon ANT wynosi 24.76 zł. W ciągu ostatnich 24 godzin kurs Aragon wzrósł o 1.37% a 24-godzinny wolumen tej kryptowaluty wynosi 251 802 092.00 zł. Kryptowaluta w ciągu ostatnich 24 godzin zanotowała najwyższą cenę na poziomie 25.64 zł, natomiast jej najniższy poziom wyniósł 24.35 zł. Najwyższa cena Aragon w wymiarze ostatnich 7 dni wyniosła 35.41 zł, a jej najniższy poziom wynosił 19.66 zł. Kurs Aragon w wymiarze ostatnich 30 dni wzrósł o 38.73%.

Kurs Aragon na największych Giełdach Kryptowalut:

Data aktualizacji: 2021-11-24 17:28:54


Kurs: 4.86 USD
Kurs: 4.9 USD


Kurs: 4.92 USDT
Kurs: 4.89 USDT


Kurs: 4.38 EUR

What is Aragon?

Aragon is a decentralized app (dApp) on the Ethereum blockchain that allows anyone to create and manage a decentralized organization. The Aragon project is open source and led by the Aragon Foundation. It also includes a token, ANT, that grants voting rights to make decisions about the direction of future development. In the early days project is relying on the nonprofit Aragon Foundation to provide direction and support as the project gets off the ground. The idea, however, is to eventually dissolve, scale back, or change the nature of the Foundation as community support grows. In the future, Aragon will be entirely decentralized and community led. Holders of the ANT token will have voting rights on all issues concerning Aragon. 


  • It has a module for identity management and closely related modules for ownership and access control. Other modules include shareholder voting, fundraising through token generation, HR onboarding and payroll, and accounts payable / receivable. 
  • Modules can individually be turned on and off, providing instant customization for the company's needs.
  • Developement of atop data and structures of existing models for extended functionality, as it explicitly has the goal of creating a digital jurisdiction
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