OneCoin returns - new version is live

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You probably remember the financial pyramid OneCoin, which collapsed with a great echo all over the world. As it turns out, the man who promoted OneCoin back then, mainly in Vietnam, decided to bring project back to life. He did not even hesitate to change its name. Will history come full circle just like OneLink did?

onelink returns

OneCoin rebirth?

Not that long ago, OneLink platform review was published online. Due to its related name to one of the pyramids, which deprived investors of nearly 4 billion USD, we decided to take a closer look on it.

Despite the fact, that there is not much on the project homepage and there is no such information about the project manager it is not hard to guess some of facts. As it turns out, Simon Le is a man who promotes it. He might be possessed as a same person that Le Quouc-Hung from OneCoin was.

onelink review

Website was registered march this year. Some of people think, that Le planned to create his own schema from long time.

OneLink - how does it work?

The first look does not bring any suspicious thoughts. There is no information about the earnings. Everything comes out just after the user is registered. As it turns out, OneLink does not possess any project, and members promote the participation itself only.

New platform users invest in Tether ( USDT). By that, they are rewarded with OLX points. The first tier starts at 100 USD, and ends at 5 000 USD. Fees, that users get, are paid from newly recruited users. They get 10% of their investment. 

OneLink ecosystem has 7 investment tiers. Each of them provides “high earnings”. Users get promoted for a new level in financial pyramid, so they are being constantly motivated to hire more users. For instance, those who get qualified to golden league, will be rewarded with 600 USD, and those from Diamond tier will get a Rolex.

OneCoin should be a warning for everyone. Financial pyramid might not live forever, but sooner or later, the schema will fall, and users will not get back their money.