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A cryptocurrency (virtual token, digital asset) is an innovative, advanced and distributed accounting system that stores all information about the state of ownership and contractual units. The mentioned holding level is closely related to individual system nodes, called cryptocurrency wallets, in a way that ensures constant control over a given wallet only to the owner of the corresponding private key. If the holder wishes to make a transaction, it's online: between him and the given contractor directly. Each and every unit of cryptocurrency has its own unique code, with all information, preventing its copying or re-spending. Cryptocurrencies are distinguished mostly because of their decentralized nature. They do not have any control body (regulator) that could decide to increase their supply with a potential decrease in value. Crypto transactions are online only, directly between at least two users (P2P technology - peer-topeer), without the participation of banking systems or other financial supervisory institutions. There is no entity that could control these transactions. The most popular and at the same time the most important cryptocurrencies include Bitcoin, which from the very beginning has been in the leading position with the unrivalled market capitalization. Other important digital assets are Ethereum, Ripple or Litecoin, but there are also many other currencies, which are becoming more and more popular. Because the world of virtual tokens is constantly evolving, and the industry is dynamically changing, it is necessary to keep track of all the news, experts' opinions or important information. In this section, you will find the latest news from the world of cryptocurrencies, showing the functioning of the entire industry. New projects, current prices, rates and charts of the most popular coins, with analysis and statements from industry professionals, are something that will make you understand this difficult, but revolutionary technology better.
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Another Lawsuit Against Bitfinex

The Bitfinex exchange has not had a winning streak in recent months. This time, a group of investors filed a class action for damages of up to...

Is Russia Going To Have New Legal Categories For Cryptocurrencies?

According to the news released by the RNS portal, the Russian Ministry of Finance is considering the regulation of cryptocurrencies according to three distinct legal categories....

Stablecoins Affected In the Binance Cleansing

Binance supports currently almost 600 currency pairs. Now, however, the exchange decided to reduce this list, which will affect, among others, stablecoins.Big cleansingFirst of all, the...

A New Era of Smarter Food Safety

Food traceability is one of the basic pillars that ensure an increased level of consumer health protection. What role can blockchain and artificial intelligence play in it?The U.S....

Wealthy UK Milennials Invest More In Cryptocurrencies!

Michelmores, a law firm located in London, did a research among wealthy millennials from the UK about their interest in cryptocurrency investment.Research and conclusionsThe survey concerned people...

David Marcus: Libra Is Not a Threat!

David Marcus (a co-creator of Libra) decided to respond to numerous allegations directed at Facebook's cryptocurrency. In his opinion, anxieties related to the fact that this...

Is BTC Going To Be Worth $1M? - Says Tim Draper

During an interview with an Israeli news site, Tim Draper maintained one of his forecasts regarding the future price of Bitcoin. In his opinion, it is possible...

Donald Trump Invited To a Cryptocurrency Lunch

The first time Justin Sun had planned a meeting with Warren Buffett for the first time, he failed. During the second attempt of the meeting, he...

Facebook Reveals Cryptocurrencies Supported By Libra

Facebook sent a letter to the senators of the US in which it informed what currencies would be included in the basket of cryptocurrencies supported by...

Bakkt Platform - BTC Deposit Protected By the Insurance Amounting To $125M

According to the information released on September 9 by Bakkt, all deposited BTC are protected by an insurance policy amounting to 125 million dollars.As announced, the...
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