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A cryptocurrency (virtual token, digital asset) is an innovative, advanced and distributed accounting system that stores all information about the state of ownership and contractual units. The mentioned holding level is closely related to individual system nodes, called cryptocurrency wallets, in a way that ensures constant control over a given wallet only to the owner of the corresponding private key. If the holder wishes to make a transaction, it's online: between him and the given contractor directly. Each and every unit of cryptocurrency has its own unique code, with all information, preventing its copying or re-spending. Cryptocurrencies are distinguished mostly because of their decentralized nature. They do not have any control body (regulator) that could decide to increase their supply with a potential decrease in value. Crypto transactions are online only, directly between at least two users (P2P technology - peer-topeer), without the participation of banking systems or other financial supervisory institutions. There is no entity that could control these transactions. The most popular and at the same time the most important cryptocurrencies include Bitcoin, which from the very beginning has been in the leading position with the unrivalled market capitalization. Other important digital assets are Ethereum, Ripple or Litecoin, but there are also many other currencies, which are becoming more and more popular. Because the world of virtual tokens is constantly evolving, and the industry is dynamically changing, it is necessary to keep track of all the news, experts' opinions or important information. In this section, you will find the latest news from the world of cryptocurrencies, showing the functioning of the entire industry. New projects, current prices, rates and charts of the most popular coins, with analysis and statements from industry professionals, are something that will make you understand this difficult, but revolutionary technology better.
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France vs. China. Which One Will Issue Its Digital Currency First?

As the latest reports show, the digital currency issued by the French central bank will be tested at the beginning of the next year. As a...

OneCoin Dead. Pyramid's Main Website Closed.

Having extorted as much as USD 4.4 billion from users, the financial pyramid was able to function up to last week. Today, the website is already...

Europe Feels Endangered. Is It Going To Join the Digital Currencies World?

Europe is clearly concerned that the United States and China may dominate the online payment system through digital currencies. The European region is of the opinion that...

The Russian Central Bank Against Bitcoin!

The Russian Central Bank presented its opinion about cryptocurrencies and, as it turns out, this opinion is not favorable. It comes down to making the ruble the...

Bakkt Hits a New, 60% Higher, Record!

The Bakkt platform has reached a new record level in Bitcoin futures trading. Yesterday, the turnover amounted to as much as 5,600 BTC. New Bakkt recordThe platform...

Bitomat's Popularity Grows. Where Can You Find Them?

The overall number of Bitcoin ATMs located around the world has reached a new record of 6,000. The majority of the devices, however, is in the...

E-dinar Is a Fantasy. Who Is Responsible For That?

The Tunisian Central Bank (BCT) has denied the information about the preparation to launch an "e-dinar". In a public statement, the bank has also emphasized that it...

Payment in XRP at PornHub?

PornHub's main partner, NetCents company, adds Ripple (XRP) to its payment gateway. Will the giant of the digital adult content add XRP to the supported payments?One more...

Chinese Media Says BTC Is the First Example Of the Blockchain Success

Even though just a few months ago, a confession of this kind, coming from the Chinese media, would be something unbelievable, today it does not surprise us...

No Ban On Mining From China. Will the Middle Kingdom Dominate the Cryptocurrency Market?

Although six months ago, the China National Development and Reform Commission (NDRC) proposed putting a ban on Bitcoin mining in their country, there are pieces of...
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