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Cryptocurrencies are a young and still developing industry. It's changing dynamically, and in many countries the concept of virtual token and blockchain technology is minimal. Comprehensive legislation that regulates this sphere of life has not been developed yet. The year 2018 was a historical one in the scope of regulation of cryptocurrencies and the blockchain itself. European countries (mainly Malta) have attempted to define this technology and regulate entities operating in the virtual currencies sector. Everyone is waiting for specific laws, which will enable the full functioning of the adopted procedures. However, we know that the crypto industry, wanting to be at the forefront of global financial operations, must convince everyone that it coped with two major problems. The first one concerns money laundering, and the second one - the full anonymity of network users, who feel unpunished. So if you want to know at what stage crypto-regulations currently are, or see which country is the most favourable to the cryptocurrencies at the moment, learn how to make settlements of earned coins, or simply learn how to open your first mine, you're in the right place! Toekeneo News team observes daily media reports from the largest news agencies and top industry magazines. You can be sure that the "cryptocurrency regulation" tab contains only the most recent and reliable information about regulations in cryptocurrencies.
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The Swiss Still Discuss Cryptocurrencies

The topic of the cryptocurrency in the United States is still relevant. A delegation from the US House Financial Services Committee will raise the issue of Libra...

New Zealand Regards Cryptocurrency Salaries As Legal

New Zealand officially declared income in cryptocurrencies as legal. The country introduced a formula on how to tax this income as well. Salaries for employees More specifically, the...

The Czechs to Implement Cryptocurrency Regulations Against EU

The European Union has outlined specific requirements for cryptocurrency regulations. The Czechs, however, want to establish their own regulations. Sharpening regulations As a local daily newspaper, Hospodářské Noviny,...

Spectacular Craig Wright's Failure In the Court

Various struggles have been going on for many months in the Bitcoin environment, sparking controversy. There have even been trials. One of them was brought by...

BTC Recognized As a Virtual Property In China

The court in China, after looking into one of the cases, considered Bitcoin as a virtual property of a certain value, which, in turn, makes it...

New Regulations Concerning Cryptocurrency Ban In India

The Inter-ministerial Committee (IMC), established to examine Bitcoin and cryptocurrency regulations in India, states that the government should put a complete ban on cryptocurrencies. India are on...

Democrats Want To Punish Companies For Introducing Cryptocurrencies

Democrats proposed a bill that is supposed to punish technology companies with a fine amounting to million dollars a day for putting cryptocurrencies into circulation. Proposed bill The...

Iran Allows To Mine Cryptocurrencies

One of Bitcoin's main opponents, Iran, while allowing BTC to be mined, will still not allow for the trade of it. Iran and cryptocurrencies According to Press-TV and...

Regulatory Changes in Canada; Greater Control Over Exchanges

Canada has amended the regulations against money laundering. The changes will affect cryptocurrency exchanges and their operations. Changes in regulations On Wednesday, July 10, the Canadian government published...

What Does the New EBC President Mean For Crypto?

Christine Lagarde is to become the new president of the European Central Bank. Up until now, Lagarde looked rather kindly on cryptocurrencies, but recently it has...
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