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Cryptocurrencies is a young but rapidly growing branch of the financial market. Virtual assets created in 2009 gain more and more enthusiasts and investors month after month. And indeed, a lot is happening in the cryptocurrency industry. Due to the initial phase of development of this market, many issues, such as the law or taxes, remain unclear. Cryptocurrency investors are bombarded with hundreds of reports from the cryptocurrency world every day. How not to get confused and be always up to date? Tokeneo News, a website about virtual tokens, with its "cryptocurrencies news" category will be helpful. The majority of cryptocurrency news concerns issues related to the most popular cryptocurrency in the world - Bitcoin (BTC). This is not surprising, however - since the creation of the Bitcoin, the number of its fans has been increasing regularly. The coin created in 2009 by a developer using the mysterious pseudonym "Satoshi Nakamoto" has been on the front page of newspapers for almost ten years now. And all of that because of the lack of uniform regulations relating to cryptocurrencies. Bitcoin, despite living to a great, as for the cryptocurrencies, age, is no exception here. Some countries are biased towards cryptocurrencies, but in many others there is still a ban on a cryptocurrency trade. The Ethereum cryptocurrency is another type of a cryptocurrency that is also very popular amongst the cryptocurrency community, which is a reason why in the industry magazines you will find a lot of information about this coin. Ethereum (ETH) is an e-currency founded by a Canadian of Russian origin, Vitalik Buterin. He is a developer and an investor highly valued in the cryptocurrency community. Buterin is often present in the media and often performs at industry conferences, so every day there is some news about him. Vitalik Buterin in most cases speaks about Ethereum, about the development of blockchain technology and about the general situation on the cryptocurrency market. Prominent figures in the industry magazines are also the cryptocurrency precursors and influencers such as Tom Lee and John McAfee. They are known to the virtual coin community mainly due to the optimistic forecasts concerning the price of Bitcoin. During the largest market failure in 2018, Lee said, for instance, that Bitcoin will end the year with a result of at least $20,000. McAfee, on the other hand, believes that by 2020, Bitcoin's price will be at least $500,000. What's more, the trader makes plans to participate in the upcoming presidential election in the United States. It therefore comes as no surprise, that there is more and more news about the top cryptocurrency analysts. Are you on the lookout for the most important news about cryptocurrencies from both your own country and from around the world? You've found the right place, then! Tokeneo News' editors observe news agencies and top industry portals every single day. All of this to find the most interesting and important information about the native and foreign cryptocurrency market. With us you are always up to date! Do you want to find out how to settle earned cryptocurrencies with the tax office? What do scientists and top influencers think about bitcoin and blockchain? Tokeneo News, an online website about cryptocurrencies is a place where you can find answers to these and also to some other questions. The "cryptocurrencies news" tab is information about planned legal regulations, latest investments, interesting start-ups and taxes.
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Trump's Advisor Promotes a New Stablecoin Called Frax

Stephen Moore, a former Trump advisor and his candidate for the Fed, revealed his plans to introduce a new stablecoin, Frax, which is supposed to be...

Anonymous Coins In Danger?

Investing in anonymous coins has become extremely problematic. More and more exchanges are getting rid of such coins despite their initially promising parameters.Anonymous CoinsWhat are the anonymous...

Donald Trump Invited To a Cryptocurrency Lunch

The first time Justin Sun had planned a meeting with Warren Buffett for the first time, he failed. During the second attempt of the meeting, he...

Combined Forces are to Fight Against Cryptocurrency Frauds

Growing cryptographic crime has led organizations to join forces in order to counter fraudsters together. Do they have a chance to win against hackers? United fighting with...

Netherlands: Cryptocurrency Regulations as Early as in 2020

The Dutch central bank has announced that institutions that provide any cryptocurrency services must prepare for new legal regulations from January 2020.Date of changesJanuary 10, 2020 - it...

Bitcoin as a Part of Hong Kong Protest

Anti-government protests have been ongoing in Hong Kong for many weeks. As it turns out, one of their elements is to be Bitcoin, and more precisely...

A 25-year-old Man Ran an Exchange With No License

On Friday, a 25-year-old man was accused of operating a cryptocurrency exchange without the required license in Los Angeles. The Westwood resident pleaded guilty. Case details Kunal Kalra...

Ukrainian Atomic Power Plant Workers Arrested for Mining Cryptocurrencies

Employees of the Ukrainian atomic power plant were detained by security service agents. By using the plant's resources to mine cryptocurrencies they disclosed top-secret state data. According...

UE Commitee Investigates Libra, Facebook's New Cryptocurrency

There are more and more doubts regarding Libra cryptocurrency, and now the European Union also became interested in the project. What's the reason? European research on Facebook According...

Winklevoss brothers want to reconciliate with Zuckerberg

Tyler and Cameron Winklevoss have always been supportive of the cryptocurrencies. Now they want to forget old animosities for the sake of this industry. Crypto-supporting twins The world...
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