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Cryptocurrencies as an innovative, distributed accounting system collecting and storing information about the hold in contract units have earned the sympathy and trust of people from all over the world. All thanks to its specificity and internal conditions. The aforementioned holding is related to certain system nodes - the so-called wallets. This ensures a total control over a given cryptocurrency wallet strictly to the holder of the corresponding private key. If this holder (network user) expresses a readiness to make a transaction - it takes place entirely electronically - between him and between the interested contractor directly. Each cryptocurrency unit has a unique code containing all relevant information aiming to prevent its undesirable use (copying or spending). Virtual tokens are distinguished the best by the fact that they do not have any supervisory body that could control them. The decentralized character of digital coins makes them more popular and more and more universal. Cryptocurrencies are traded electronically only - directly between a minimum of two network users (thanks to peer-to-peer technology). This category: ‘cryptocurrencies - news from Europe’, contains news that will be useful to everyone, regardless of their age, position or experience in this market. It is worth highlighting that Europe and, more precisely speaking, the European Union, has not standarised the rules on digital assets yet. Individual institutions, such as the European Central Bank, or central banks of individual countries, present various opinions on the legal status of digital currencies. Therefore, it is worth following all the news appearing in this tab. They constitute a source of reliable and valuable knowledge that allows you to understand this difficult, dynamic industry better.
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Russian Factory As a Bitcoin Mine?

According to the reports of the local news portal, RBC, a company belonging to the spokesperson of the Russian Internet, Dmitry Marinichev, will change the, now...

Libra Supported By the Bank of England

Numerous countries and institutions are voicing their critical opinions about Libra more and more loudly. Great Britain, however, seems to have a different view on this topic.Banking...

Is Russia Going To Have New Legal Categories For Cryptocurrencies?

According to the news released by the RNS portal, the Russian Ministry of Finance is considering the regulation of cryptocurrencies according to three distinct legal categories....

Wealthy UK Milennials Invest More In Cryptocurrencies!

Michelmores, a law firm located in London, did a research among wealthy millennials from the UK about their interest in cryptocurrency investment.Research and conclusionsThe survey concerned people...

David Marcus: Libra Is Not a Threat!

David Marcus (a co-creator of Libra) decided to respond to numerous allegations directed at Facebook's cryptocurrency. In his opinion, anxieties related to the fact that this...

Is Libra Going To Be Banned In Europe?

Bruno Le Maire, who is the French Finance Minister, revealed his opinion on Libra, as it is expected to appear on the market soon. According to...

Netherlands: Cryptocurrency Regulations as Early as in 2020

The Dutch central bank has announced that institutions that provide any cryptocurrency services must prepare for new legal regulations from January 2020.Date of changesJanuary 10, 2020 - it...

Libra? A Beguiling But At the Same Time Treacherous Project

A board member of the European Central Bank, Yves Mersch, spoke on Facebook's cryptocurrency, Libra. The Luxembourger is certainly not a fan of the project. Libra is...

Portugal: Cryptocurrency transactions will not be taxed

The Portuguese tax office has announced that cryptocurrency transactions will not be taxed.Cryptocurrency taxesTaxes on cryptocurrency transactions are one of the hottest topics in this industry....

Is an Automotive Breakthrough Closer Thanks To Blockchain?

It looked like blockchain was introducing solutions only for online operations. Now, however, it can help improve everyday devices. A breakthrough in the automotive industry Researchers from the...
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