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Cryptocurrencies is an innovative, distributed accounting system based on a cryptography that collects and stores information about hold (in contract units). The hold is closely related to individual system nodes - the so-called wallets, in a way that guarantees the holder of the corresponding private key a complete control over his cryptocurrency wallet. If the network user wishes to make a given transaction - it takes place electronically, between the owner of the private key and the contractor interested in the transaction directly. Every cryptocurrency unit has a unique code containing all relevant information aiming to prevent its undesirable use (copying, spending and so on). Virtual tokens are distinguished the best by the fact that they do not have any supervisory body that could control them. The decentralized character of digital coins makes them more popular and more and more universal all over the world. Looking through the category 'cryptocurrencies - news from America' you have a guarantee that you are up to date with the latest news about virtual tokens from across the Ocean. You will find here information about the American economy, the latest investments, legal regulations affecting cryptocurrencies, the crypto stock market and the largest players on this market. The information we publish is of the highest quality and comes from reliable sources only. America is a country with a strong economy that has an influence on other markets around the world. If you want to make good business decisions, you need to know the current American economic situation well. America is also the second largest incubator of the best cryptocurrency initiatives - thanks to reading the online portal Tokeneo News you have the confidence that you are always up to date!
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A 25-year-old Man Ran an Exchange With No License

On Friday, a 25-year-old man was accused of operating a cryptocurrency exchange without the required license in Los Angeles. The Westwood resident pleaded guilty. Case details Kunal Kalra...

The Chief Of Twitter Believes That BTC Is a Powerful Currency

Twitter chief, Jack Dorsey, when asked about the future of the fintech industry, ventured a thesis concerning Bitcoin as a global currency. Is Bitcoin a dominant currency? Dorsey...

Bitpay Donation for Amazon Rainforest got Blocked

For several days now there has been a state of emergency due to numerous fires in the Amazon rainforest. Any financial help, including cryptocurrencies, is worth...

Presidential Candidate Wants Blockchain-Based Voting

US presidential elections are getting close, and one of the candidates is disappointed that blockchain-based voting has not been introduced yet. Candidate's profile The aforementioned politician is Andrew...

Winklevoss brothers want to reconciliate with Zuckerberg

Tyler and Cameron Winklevoss have always been supportive of the cryptocurrencies. Now they want to forget old animosities for the sake of this industry. Crypto-supporting twins The world...

The Swiss Still Discuss Cryptocurrencies

The topic of the cryptocurrency in the United States is still relevant. A delegation from the US House Financial Services Committee will raise the issue of Libra...

Is Binance Going To Return To the United States?

Head of Binance, Changpeng Zhao, claims that the cryptocurrency exchange will re-enter the cryptocurrency market in the United States. No specific date has been given yet,...

Justin Sun's priority is launching TRX on Coinbase and Binance

Sun Network version 1.0 has launched. Right now, Justin Sun's priority is getting TRX to the biggest exchanges in the USA. On August 9th, Justin Sun has...

Another Cryptocurrency Exchange Attacked. Target - Coinbase.

Cryptocurrency exchanges are often attacked by hackers. An American cryptocurrency exchange, Coinbase, is an example of the exchange that is a victim of such an attack. The...

Why can't Bitcoin be bought with new Apple Card?

New Apple Card has just launched. However, it won't allow users to buy any kind of cryptocurrency. Are Apple and Golden Sachs following into British and...
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