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Cryptocurrencies - informations from the world of business

Cryptocurrencies (digital cryptographic currencies) is an innovative, distributed accounting system that collects and stores information about hold in contract units. Hold is related to individual system nodes, the so-called wallets, in a way that ensures full control over a certain cryptocurrency wallet only to the holder of the corresponding private key. If such a holder expresses the readiness to make a transaction it takes place electronically - directly between them and between a particular trade partner. Every unit of cryptocurrency has a unique code containing pieces of information that prevent its copying or unwanted respending. Most cryptocurrencies are distinguished by the fact that they do not have any supervisory body (regulating or controlling them) that could decide, for instance, about increasing their supply with potential decrease in value. Their decentralized character means that virtual assets gain in importance and gain in popularity, having at the same time the trust of various communities. The turnover in cryptocurrencies takes place only electronically - directly between a minimum of two users (the so-called peer-to-peer technology (P2P), that is a model of communication in a computer network, ensuring that all of the hosts have equal rights, which distinguishes it from client-server architecture), without the participation of any kinds of banking systems or other supervisory institutions. There is no entity that would be able to control transactions, and therefore it is impossible to "block" our account. One of the most important and one of the most popular cryptocurrencies is Bitcoin, holding from the very beginning the position of the leader as its market capitalization guarantees it an absolute primacy in this industry. Other important digital assets include: Ethereum, Ripple, Litecoin, Monero, or Waves, as well as many other alternative currencies that enjoy the unfailing trust of network users. The world of virtual tokens is constantly evolving and changing. It is not a surprise then, that it is necessary to keep track of all the news about it, especially after taking into consideration the number of businesses that have been built basing on this wonderful industry and how well they are doing, being successful in the international arena. The spectacular potential of blockchain technology as well as the huge number of projects that are created on its basis and which affect the innovation of individual economies and the introduction of pioneering solutions means that there is an increasing number of young enterprises (startups) that take a completely new direction, of which the cryptocurrency is the starting point. Information about the functioning of the entire industry, appearance of new projects, current prices and crypto-asset rates, as well as statements and expert analyzes - allow them to understand this still young and dynamically growing market better. This category contains important news from the world of business. They may be indispensable, especially in the context of making the right investment and business decisions.

Bitcoin as a Part of Hong Kong Protest

Anti-government protests have been ongoing in Hong Kong for many weeks. As it turns out, one of their elements is to be Bitcoin, and more precisely...

ShortHop Available In Seven New US States

From now on, the ShortHop cryptocurrency exchange operates in seven more states of the US. It will allow customers to use various platforms' wallets through a single point...

The Chief Of Twitter Believes That BTC Is a Powerful Currency

Twitter chief, Jack Dorsey, when asked about the future of the fintech industry, ventured a thesis concerning Bitcoin as a global currency. Is Bitcoin a dominant currency? Dorsey...

UE Commitee Investigates Libra, Facebook's New Cryptocurrency

There are more and more doubts regarding Libra cryptocurrency, and now the European Union also became interested in the project. What's the reason? European research on Facebook According...

Binance Returns With iOS App

On August 19 this year, Binance's mobile app returned to the App Store, seemingly for good. A difficult return On Saturday, August 17, CEO of Binance Changpeng Zhao...

The Swiss Still Discuss Cryptocurrencies

The topic of the cryptocurrency in the United States is still relevant. A delegation from the US House Financial Services Committee will raise the issue of Libra...

Blockchain Companies Oppose South Korean Regulations

South Korean blockchain companies are withdrawing their projects from the country as a result of problems with regulations regarding cryptocurrencies and blockchains. Blockchain projects are moving abroad Business...

Yusko: Bitcoin is a Chaos Hedge

Mark Yusko, CEO of Morgan Creek Capital, emphatically ridicules the popular commotion about current Bitcoin markings. Recent markings on the markets In recent days, we have seen quite...

Bitcoin Increases Due to Trade War? Not According to Sceptics!

While Goldman Sachs is looking for a link between a trade war and an increase in the Bitcoin's price, sceptics say that this theory is wrong....

Bitcoin Guarantees Security During Turbulent Times

CEO of the consulting company deVere Group, Nigel Green, says that very turbulent times are ahead when it comes to financial markets, and Bitcoin is to...
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