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Blockchain is a decentralized and distributed database in an open-source model, in a peer-to-peer character internet network (a communication model in a computer network that provides all its "hosts" with the same rights), without central computers and without a centralized storage space. It is encoded with the usage of cryptographic algorithms. Innovative and revolutionary blockchain technology is a public and open register that is accessible to virtually anyone. It is fully protected against unauthorized access, however, thanks to the complex cryptographic tools. Blockchain is mainly used for "booking" individual transactions, payments or accounting records. Generally speaking - its basic tasks are: storing and sending information about transactions concluded on the Internet, which are arranged in the shape of consecutive blocks of data. In practice, it means that one block includes information about a determined number of transactions. After its "saturation", another block of data is automatically created, then another block and one more, making a kind of a "chain". In this chain, every 10 minutes a new block appears and is sent, containing information about various commercial transactions, shares or stocks, sales, cryptocurrencies and electronic currencies. The block size depends both on the particular implementation as well as on the characteristics of the specific cryptocurrency. For instance, the size of a Bitcoin network block cannot be bigger than 1 MB, which is a direct result of the BTC protocol specification. Transactions are digitally signed with a public key cryptography. Although the transactions themselves are public, all users remain anonymous for the whole time. Although blockchain technology is currently used to service diverse transactions (trade, currency, stocks), there is an ongoing research on the usage of the blockchain as a banking book, document authentication system, digital signature in government administration, or notarization. All transactions under this technology could take place outside the system that has been functioning for centuries and, therefore, without the participation of public institutions, directly between the parties of the transaction. The blockchain - as the banking book of transactions, with the current technology and computing power of computers - cannot be faked. It is estimated that the power required to break the blockchain network equals... half the Internet! More reliable and valuable information as well as trivia about this cryptocurrency can be found in the Blockchain News category. It includes the most interesting information about the cryptocurrency world, useful for all cryptocurrency supporters. Interesting and extremely useful news available in the articles, make it easier to understand this difficult, constantly evolving industry and the innovative technology that surrounds us.
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Samsung Improves Blockchain Keystore

Samsung has placed Blockchain Keystore, a cryptocurrency wallet, in its flagship smartphone. It finally has the function that everyone was waiting for. Cryptocurrencies in Samsung Blockchain Keystore was...

Tezos (XTZ): a New Cryptocurrency on Coinbase

After a few weeks on the Coinbase Pro platform, Tezos (XTZ) will appear in the full offer of the Californian exchange. Little importance on the market XTZ will...

Amazon On the Lookout For a New Blockchain Team Engineer

Amazon is trying to become popular in every possible industry. And, apparently, it is unlikely that the company is going to slow down over the coming...

IBM Launches a New Blockchain Network!

A technological giant will launch a new blockchain network! See what its main assumptions will be based on and see which companies have joined this project! On...

Mastercard Prepares to Enter Crypto Market

Mastercard moves with the times and prepares for involvement in the cryptocurrency market. For that purpose, the company has made specific steps. New work stations On August 2,...

Distributed Technology Changed the World!

In the course of human history, blockchain became a breakthrough technology. Since the creation of bitcoin, people have been looking for a different use for a...

Libra Might Never Enter the Market - What Threatens Facebook's Currency?

Facebook plans to launch its digital currency called Libra as soon as in 2020. However, it warns investors that many factors can prevent the project from...

Cryptocurrencies in the Gaming Industry

Most of us do not realize what a great impact computer games can have on various sectors of the economy, including finances. Is there a real...

Blockchain vs. fake news: New York Times' new idea

According to many experts, blockchain can facilitate many areas of everyday life. The New York Times decided to use it to fight fake news. Fake news As you...

Another Debate on Cryptocurrencies in the U.S. Senate

At the end of July, another debate on cryptocurrencies and blockchain will take place in the U.S. Senate. Details of the debate The Senate Banking Committee issued a...
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