mcafee ghost cryptocurrency

GHOST - McAfee’s new cryptocurrency?

Grzegorz Krztoń
Controversial programist John McAfee is surprising his observers once again. This time, he informed them about plans to issue his own private cryptocurrency called GHOST.
bitcoin price rising by 40% over the year

Bitcoin price has risen by 40% in the last 12 months!

Grzegorz Krztoń
Bitcoin is one of the assets, that can be proud of its significant growth over the year. What is more, despite latest price falls, in the 12-month range, Bitcoin price has gained as much as 40% of its value!
bitcoin price has fallen

Bitcoin price with a sharp fell. BTC price went below 7 000 USD

Grzegorz Krztoń
Current Bitcoin price is about 6 937 USD. Within just 10 minutes, the cryptocurrency price dived by over 200 USD, what made it fall below 7 000 USD.
bitcoin and gold year

Michael Novogratz: 2020 is the year of Bitcoin

Grzegorz Krztoń
In one of the interviews, Michael Novogratz said, that Bitcoin is his investment type due to the global situation and Coronavirus pandemic. He described current situation as a “money-printing global orgy”.
bitcoin prohpecies

Vitalik Buterin laughs at ineffective Bitcoin price forecasts

Grzegorz Krztoń
Vitalik Buterin (Ethereum founder) decided to laugh from abstract predictions about BTC price, that were made in last years by influential people. He emphasised, that no one is infallible, and most of prophecies did not come out true.
crypto price increase

Cryptocurrency prices: Ethereum, EOS, Tezos and Chanilnik gaining the lead

Grzegorz Krztoń
Yesterday’s session was mostly positive for all cryptocurrencies. Although, Bitcoin has started the increases, the altcoins has gained the most!
bitcoin with clock

Bitcoin price: BTC exchange rate beats 7 000 USD!

Grzegorz Krztoń
Current Bitcoin price is about 7 034 USD. Over last 24 hours BTC notes an 3,59% increase. Leading cryptocurrency has once again climbed over 7 000 USD resistance level.
btc price regains its power

BTC price regaining its strength. Is Bitcoin a better alternative than gold?

Grzegorz Krztoń
Current Bitcoin price is about 6 800 USD. Over the past 24 hours leading cryptocurrency gained 2,66%. Have investors started to choose cryptocurrencies over gold?
bitcoin notes slight increases

Bitcoin (BTC) price reaches 6 700 USD. What’s next?

Grzegorz Krztoń
During yesterday’s Bitcoin (BTC) session, the cryptocurrency itself was sliding down, eventually falling to 6 200 USD level. At the end of the session, BTC price rapidly increased and reached 6 600 USD. Today was the day of testing weekly highs above 6 700 USD by Bitcoin. The cryptocurrency began the test, and then got slightly corrected.
binance to take over cmc

Binance to take over CoinMarketCap: is that an April Fools’ joke?

Grzegorz Krztoń
One of the biggest cryptocurrency exchanges might be seeking to acquire CoinMarketCap. Negotiations are on the final stage. Moreover, Binance is ready to pay as much as 400 million USD. All these informations, however, came from anonymous people familiar with the case.
will bitcoin price reach 7000 usd

Bitcoin price: will BTC reach 7 000 USD?

Grzegorz Krztoń
Current Bitcoin price is about 6 430 USD. Over last 24 hours, BTC exchange rate increased by 4,12%. By that, cryptocurrency broke the 6 200 resistance line.
ethereum reaches 130 USD price

Ethereum price reaches 130 USD level. The project development does not stop!

Grzegorz Krztoń
Current Ethereum price is about 130 USD. Over the last 24 hours, ETH price has gained 0,65%. Despite not the best situation on cryptocurrency charts, Ethereum project keeps evolving.
bitcoin price will drop to 2 400 USD

Bitcoin price will drop to 2 400 USD - says the analyst

Grzegorz Krztoń
Although it may seem, that Bitcoin price has stabilized around 6 600 USD level, many forecasts appeared on the market recently. While some of them predict increases, the others suggest strong decreases for all of the top cryptocurrencies.
the difficulty of bitcoin mining decreases

Bitcoin: Mining difficulty hits second largest drop in history

Grzegorz Krztoń
They key measure of competition between Bitcoin miners, so-called mining difficulty, has fallen by almost 16%. It is the second largest drop in cryptocurrency network history.
7 facts about btc

Bitcoin: TOP 7 surprising facts you didn’t know about!

Grzegorz Krztoń
Were you looking for some of interesting facts about Bitcoin? You came to the right place! We gathered some of the most surprising facts about cryptocurrency queen, that you had no idea about! 
bitcoin price over 6000

Bitcoin price: BTC rate stays above 6000 USD

Grzegorz Krztoń
Current Bitcoin’s price is about 6 462 USD. During the last 24 hours cryptocurrency has noted a 9% increase. The rest of altcoins followed BTC’s path too.

Ethereum price: ETH enters bear market

Grzegorz Krztoń
Current Ethereum price is about 125 USD. Over last 24 hours, Ethereum price has decreased by 7,24%. It seems, that Ethereum might be entering bear market.
eth price rises

Ethereum price jumps 23% over last 24 hours

Grzegorz Krztoń
After a drastic fall, Ethereum price has noted a great jump. Current ETH price is about 147 USD. During the last 24 hours, the cryptocurrency price increased by more than 23%.
btc miners worried about bitcoin hashrate

Bitcoin's hashrate has fallen by 40% this month. BTC miners to capitulate?

Grzegorz Krztoń
Currently, Bitcoin price is not very favorable for cryptocurrency miners. Those, who own older mining hardware, are slowly, but surely withdrawing from cryptocurrency market. It can be proven by Bitcoin’s hashrate, which decreased by almost 40% in the last month.
can bitcoin still bounce back

Bitcoin price moves above 5000 USD. Optimists still believe in BTC

Grzegorz Krztoń
Current Bitcoin price is around 5 277 USD. In the last 24 hours, BTC price was able to bounce back and increased by 2,89%. During the last few days, the leading cryptocurrency has been moving in stagnation, and so it remains now.
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