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BTC's price of $10,000 - are further drops possible?

The BTC price has stopped in five-digit territory - can the price of this cryptocurrency drop even lower? This is what experienced investors and analysts think about it!
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Bitcoin price temporarily soared over 12 000 USD

Grzegorz Krztoń
Bitcoin was trading around $ 12,000 per coin. During yesterday's session, this most popular cryptocurrency exceeded this level. It didn't take too long, however, as its price had plunged once again towards $ 11,800. What are the forecasts and opinions of analysts?
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DeFi is still growing - which projects are they running?

Grzegorz Krztoń
The locked-in value in decentralized finance (DeFi) has recently come close to $ 8 billion. Which projects are currently the most popular among investors?
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Bitcoin: TOP 4 signals of a bullish BTC rally

Grzegorz Krztoń
Although the current price of Bitcoin is below USD 12,000, there are signals on the market of this cryptocurrency, indicating that it is the initial phase of the BTC raid. Here they are!
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Bitcoin's price is setting a new direction

Grzegorz Krztoń
BTC reached a new annual price peak of $ 12,346 - based on CoinMarketCap average value. This cryptocurrency once again broke through a key area of resistance to take a new path. What's next?
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BTC price - is there a huge move ahead?

Grzegorz Krztoń
Bitcoin's price is near the 12 000 USD mark. Can we expect a large movement of the rate of this cryptocurrency? Here is some pertinent information about it.

Chainlink and Tezos price reached new ATH

Chainlink (LINK) has exploded again, recording double-digit growth and setting another ATH. It was followed by the Tezos (XTZ), which was also at the highest level in history.

Bitfinex breakdown without affecting crypto prices

The Bitfinex cryptocurrency exchange recorded a 5-hour break in operation on Wednesday. Prices of cryptocurrencies didn't change.
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BTC rate drops down. Bitcoin's correlation with Gold is at a record level

Grzegorz Krztoń
After yesterday's decline by over USD 700, the BTC rate fell to the lowest level in a week to around USD 11,200. Currently, the price of BTC is $ 11,512.
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Bitcoin: fighting for 12 000 USD

Grzegorz Krztoń
The most popular cryptocurrency is once again heading towards $ 12,000. The current Bitcoin rate is around $ 11,816. The foundations indicate that BTC may gain momentum.

Chainlink (LINK) price is constantly rising upwards!

Although in recent days the prices of most of the leading cryptocurrencies were in stagnation, Chainlink astonished everyone, reaching successive peaks.
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Russia's largest bank will create its own stablecoin

Russia's largest bank, Sberbank, is preparing to launch its own stablecoin. Sbercoin will be 1:1 against the Russian rouble and will be used for digital settlement of financial assets.
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Ethereum Classic (ETC) turned out to be fragile

Grzegorz Krztoń
Ethereum Classic was attacked by 51% - for the second time this week! The network of this project turned out to be extremely fragile, yet the price of the ETC cryptocurrency itself did not suffer, and even increased by 1.24% during the day - why?

ETH price nearly $400. The last testnet of the Ethereum 2.0 has started

The current ETH exchange rate is about USD 398. During the week, the cryptocurrency increased by over 24%. Meanwhile, the Ethereum Foundation reports that the last and official public test network, Ethereum 2.0, Medalla has been launched.
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Holidays? Only with Bitcoin and Travala!

Grzegorz Krztoń
The travel platform focused on cryptocurrency payments has up to 3 million accommodations on offer. Bitcoin enthusiasts have a lot to choose from!
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CryptoGames Review – Learn why the world-renowned crypto casino is the first choice of thousands of ardent gamblers

Grzegorz Krztoń
Advancements in technology have changed the world forever. Every sector of life has been changed dramatically by this revolutionary change, particularly the entertainment industry which has been altered completely and is unrecognizable from what it was a few decades back.
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Bitfinex - what is it and how to use it?

Grzegorz Krztoń
Learn everything you should know about cryptocurrency exchange Bitfinex.
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10 best ICO projects in 2019!

Grzegorz Krztoń
ICO projects are very popular fundraisings in the cryptocurrency environment. Check which projects were the most successful last year!
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What will be the second Btcoin? Top 5 cryptocurrencies to perform in 2020

Grzegorz Krztoń
Many people, especially beginners in the world of cryptocurrencies, ask themselves: what will be the second Bitcoin? Is there a chance for a coin to be created that will overtake the so-called king of cryptocurrencies?
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Global Crypto Brokerage, FinxFlo, Launched to Eliminate Market Distortions and Encourage Fair Trading

Grzegorz Krztoń
Learn more about great developments of Global Crypto Brokerage FinxFlo and their fast growing project!
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5 latest forecasts for future Bitcoin price!

Grzegorz Krztoń
Although current changes on the Bitcoin chart remain small, some analysts predict strong price movements. Let's analyze the forecasts about the BTC course that have appeared recently!
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10 Things to Know Before Getting Your First Bitcoin

Grzegorz Krztoń
You can certainly make a profit by investing in Bitcoin (BTC), but before going on an exchange and making your first BTC purchase, here are 10 things you should know about the world’s number one coin.
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4 signs that Bitcoin will break ATH in 2020

Grzegorz Krztoń
The year 2020 for Bitcoin is primarily a year of halving, but not only it should be reflected in the price of the oldest cryptocurrency. Below you will find 4 reasons for the record bull market this year.
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Winz review - perfect casino for Bitcoin and Crypto players

Grzegorz Krztoń is a cryptocurrency casino that is becoming more and more popular. What does it offer its players and how does it work? Here is the most important information!
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Bitcoin price drops below USD 9,400. Chainalysis: 11.4 million BTC serves as a long-term investment

Grzegorz Krztoń
Only 3.5 million BTC is the subject of active trade, and the vast majority, i.e. as much as 11.4 million, serves as a long-term investment - according to the Chainalysis study. Meanwhile, the price of the leading cryptocurrency remain unchanged. Current Bitcoin price is USD 9,398.
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Donald Trump wanted to hit Bitcoin?

Grzegorz Krztoń
The latest reports show that the President of the United States - Donald Trump has not liked Bitcoin for a long time. Interesting facts come to light ...
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Current Bitcoin price is around USD 9,500. Whales accumulate BTC

Grzegorz Krztoń
The current Bitcoin price will again be above USD 9,500. With the latest report included, since January, despite sharp price changes, the number of customers with more than 1,000 BTC has been growing steadily.
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Bitcoin price: BTC rate drops to 9,000 USD!

Grzegorz Krztoń
Bitcoin seems to be dividing a large chasm from the desired bull rally. The price of this cryptocurrency was again within the range of USD 9,000. Meanwhile, Vitalik Buterin, the head of Ethereum, is undermining the validity of the S2F ...
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Bitcoin exchange rate drops by over 5%. What's next?

Grzegorz Krztoń
The Bitcoin exchange rate dropped significantly over the last 24 hours. Yesterday's session on the BTC chart was closed with a loss of USD 548.30.
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Can you buy Coca-Cola for Bitcoin? It is possible!

Grzegorz Krztoń
As it turns out, consumers from New Zealand and Australia will be able to purchase drinks in the Coca-Cola Amatil (CCA) vending machine network for Bitcoins (BTC)!
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