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Methods which could help crypto investors to make money faster

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Trying to get paid to HODL? There are easy and faster methods which could help you achieve your goal. Huge price increase and 100x gains grab a lot of attention from pundits and influencers in the cryptocurrency community due to the fact that they offer the hope of being rich overnight.

Trying to get paid to HODL? There are easy and faster methods which could help you achieve your goal. Huge price increase and 100x gains grab a lot of attention from pundits and influencers in the cryptocurrency community due to the fact that they offer the hope of being rich overnight. But basically, what happens is the chances to achieve something like this are few and far between. Also, there are only a few traders who actually manage to grab these opportunities and cash out in time to lock in life-changing money. 

 On the more positive side trying to achieve a huge amount of price is far from being the only method for crypto investors to make money and with the recent increase of decentralized finance (DeFi), nonfungible tokens (NFTs) and the slow march of mainstream crypto adoption gives a somewhat endless stream of investment opportunities. There are plenty of methods which could help to make some easy big bucks. 

Staking is a process which gifts users for locking tokens on a protocol as collateral for transaction validation. This happens to be one of the best ways to earn a yield on assets held in a crypto-based portfolio. In August, Ethereum network will move from a proof-of-work (PoW) consensus model to a proof-of-stake (PoS) model while Ether (ETH) holders who stake in the Eth2 contract can earn up to 5.83%. based on this PoS system, token holders will be able to participate in transaction validation by locking their coins in nodes to verify transactions also build new blocks and get the rewards that come with it. Based on the data from staking rewards there is a stake of 10 Ether in the present which results in a weekly earning of 0.0075 ETH, which is worth $17.96 at present prices with a yearly earning of 0.3876 ETH which is at the present worth $933.69. 

The percentage yield for Ether is becoming lesser as more tokens are locked on the network so the final earnings might change. Generally, the top five crypto assets by staked value are Cardano’s ADA, Ether, Solana (SOL), USD coin (USDC) and polkadot (DOT). Basically, staking gives one of the best low-risk opportunities in crypto to achieve a larger stack without considering the market sentiment or performance, while trying to support the network with transaction validation. 

The growth of DeFi sector was led to the expansion of a diverse crypto lending ecosystem, where users are able to deposit their cryptocurrencies to different lending protocols in exchange for rewards in the fundamental token or in other assets like Bitcoin (BTC), Ether and various altcoins. Aave is the major lending protocol at the present time and the platform tries to give yield opportunities for token on the Ethereum and Polygon network with its nativ coin MATIC. There are other top lending protocols such as Curve (CRV), Compound (COMP), MakerDAO (MKR) and Yearn.Finance (YFI). 

Liquidity provisions happens to be one of the major aspects of a DeFi platform with investors who can choose to provide funds to upcoming platforms are sometime gifted with high percentage returns on the amount staked with a percentage of fees created through transactions within the puddle. It would be recommended for long term investors to research for available pools/puddles on the market and if a liquidity pair containing solid projects or even a stablecoin pair such as USDC/Tether (USDT) looks good. This has the ability to be the blockchain version of savings account which can offer even better yields which at the present time can only be found in any bank or legacy financial institution. 

Yield farming is the prospect of placing crypto assets to work in a manner which could create the highest yield with the chance of minimizing risk. With new platforms and protocols coming out they offer high incentives to depositors as a way of mining for liquidity and increasing the total value locked (TVL) on the protocol. The high yields that are generally offered are paid out in the native token for an STKGHS-WETH pair which has an APR of 189.2% and by now has created a reward of 3.312DINO. 

Blockchain gaming and NFT are gathering another way to make a return on a crypto portfolio without actually spending new funds. Axie infinity is the most accurate example in this situation as the in-game has trading, battling, collecting and breeding NFT-based creatures known as axis. Based on the data from your crypto library, “Today, the average player earns between 150 to 200 SLP per day,” which according to the current market value, is worth between $40 and $53.50. crypto investing, lending, skating and play-to-earn blockchain games gives out a much higher return on investment than traditional banks offer on savings and checking accounts. There are chances that the investors will continue to group to the platforms which can offer high yields for trying to appeal with the protocol. 

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