Media liaison

Our media sponsorsip includes such events as: trade fairs, conferences, seminars, contests etc. in Poland and abroad Please send your media sponsorship request to [email protected] no later than one week before the event. The email should contain basic information such as the name of the event with a description, place and date of the beginning and ending of the event, as well as full contact details. Submitting an inquiry doesn't guarantee sponsorship, you should expect contact from our editorial staff. What we can offer:
  • Publication of the information about the event in the form of an invitation, relation or announcement on the website. The information should be prepared and provided by the organiser unless the contract determines otherwise. The time of publication is specified in the agreement.
  • Placing a banner promoting the initiative (visible on the main page of the portal) linked to the selected website. The banner should be delivered by the organiser and must meet the following conditions: pixel dimension, size up to 20 kb, jpg file format, gif. The time of banner publication is specified in the agreement.
  • Publication of information about the event in the newsletter.
As part of the media sponsorship, we expect (depending on the nature of the initiative):
  • placing the logo of the media sponsor on all promotional materials, issued or sent by the organiser in relation to the event,
  • placing the logo of the media sponsor on the organizer's or event's website,
  • enabling the distribution of advertising materials of the media sponsor,
  • putting the roll-up of a media sponsor (if the event is a meeting, conference, etc.),
  • publishing the information about the media sponsor in press materials,
  • providing the sponsor with at least one copy of each promotional material with the sponsor's logo and information  
  • updating all the substantive materials about the initiative
There is also the possibility of setting individual terms of cooperation. We are open to your suggestions. Contact us: [email protected]