Max Keiser: Bankers Know They Will Not Stop Bitcoin

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Accodring to The British Bitcoin has no Intrinsic Value

The American presenter of the Russia Today station, Max Keiser, expressed a very critical opinion on the banking sector in a response to one of the TV discussions.

Discussion at CNBC

Jay Clayton, the chairman of the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC), was a guest in one of the CNBC's TV shows. He stated that fiduciary currencies have safety measures preventing manipulation of the stock market, which is undoubtedly a feature that cryptocurrencies lack. The idea of introducing equal rules for everyone did not appeal to Clayton. The head of the Commission stated that there are extremely advanced transaction monitoring laws and systems which the cryptocurrency market cannot guarantee.

Max Keiser's reaction

That comment immediately attracted the interest of Max Keiser, the well-known presenter of Russia Today and a former Wall Street employee. He believes that the SEC repeatedly did not keep the word regarding this matter, and he presented the evidence proving that in his show. It is true that Keiser did not specify particular examples, but his views have influenced the BTC community, which thinks that the US state authorities are not able to cope with the phenomenon that arose together with cryptocurrencies. According to Keiser, despite the recent appearance of many centralized altcoins, their one-dimensional character will not make people turn away from their decentralized competition. Bankers know they will not stop Bitcoin, and their goal is to marginalize BTC using the flooding of centralized coins around the world. Fortunately, their own corruption will be lethal for them.