Tokeneo Group
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The overriding objective of Tokeneo consists in creating a one-of-a-kind system which will enable investors to participate in the financial success of the platform. The natural questions that we get asked are ”what makes us stand out from tens of other existing cryptocurrency exchanges” or ”why what we do is significant”? We answer them and explain it all below. We will familiarize you with a signature dividend-based system of Tokeneo which constitutes one of the most critical elements of our platform. From the very beginning of our works our top priority was to offer a token that provides a real passive income and a secure and steady source of regular proceeds without the necessity to speculate.

To put it simply, Tokeneo is a cryptocurrency and token exchange whose investors (the holders of TEO tokens) will be in a position to participate in the distribution of the generated profit. Yet our ambitions go way beyond the creation of another trading platform. The aim of our business activity is to build a complete ecosystem of cryptocurrency-related services for a fast growing industry with Tokeneo being its most critical element.

At the same time we are working on several satellite products that complement the exchange offer and match the specific market needs. It will be an online cryptocurrency exchange office enabling a fast token exchange without any additional identity verification and the very first Polish cryptocurrency fund Cryptoinvestia which aims at making it easier to enter the cryptocurrency markets for the persons who are only learning the nuts and bolts of the blockchain technology. Given the reality of the current technologies that keep developing rapidly, only a comprehensive approach can guarantee our resounding success, therefore we can assure you that Tokeneo will offer an exceptionally wide range of products where there is something for everyone.

There is a legitimate company behind the exchange project. Its registered office has been meticulously handpicked by us, when monitoring the development of cryptocurrency markets and regulatory activities of local government in individual countries. What we noticed was the high adoption dynamics and openness to advanced technologies on the European markets and thanks to this, we focused our search efforts on that location. Once we analyzed the situation, we decided to register our company in Estonia as Tokeneo Ltd. We keep monitoring the situation on an ongoing basis and we keep looking for the best places to conduct this type of business activity, since given such a dynamically changing environment decent information is critical to success. We remain fully aware of responsibility in respect of our investors, therefore we keep following all the communications pertaining to cryptocurrency market regulations so that we can keep a tight rein on all the changes that could potentially adversely affect our growth opportunities.

Tokeneo will be the first exchange which you can really own. Each and every TEO token holder will participate in the distribution of profits from the transactions on the exchange. Everyone will receive on a daily basis 50% of the profit generated by the exchange. Tokeneo is the only exchange and the only ICO which guarantees in 100% its establishment. Irrespective of achieving the fundraising at the soft cap or hard cap level or below Tokeneo will come into being with the use of own funds as well as investors’ funds in the amount collected by us.