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Just like any other company, the Tokeneo exchange will operate for profit. What makes us unique among hundreds of projects fighting for financing is the fact that unlike other ICOs the participation in our fundraising entitles to the participation in the distribution of profits generated by Tokeneo. Therefore, what seems to be of pivotal importance from the point of view of assessing our potential is the information what to base your operations on and what, in the case of an exchange, can be recognized as its income. In this chapter we are about to explain what sources we intend to derive it from and what are their probable sources.

We can differentiate between two main types of sources of prospective income of the Tokeneo exchange – the planned direct income and possible indirect income. The first one specifies the planned income obtained directly as a part of the Tokeneo exchange from the fees for individual services that the exchange has on offer for its users. For the purposes of the ICO and this document we can enumerate several of them: transaction fees (or margins depending on the adopted model), fees for the payouts from the exchange, fees payable by new project developers willing to open the market for their token in our exchange and, for example, fees for the conversion between fiat currencies. All such payments can be charged from the users of Tokeneo for the performance of the tasks commissioned by them. The second type is any possible indirect income, which can be generated as a result of reinvesting by the exchange 50% of the profit gained directly or related indirectly to its business activity. The examples of such sources can be gains generated by trading bots in the open Tokeneo markets, gains from mining and nodes, investments in cryptocurrency funds or paid project promotion.

Ultimately the fees applicable on the Tokeneo exchange will be announced prior to its launch and they will be adjusted to the current market situation so that they remain sufficiently competitive. The generated income will be reported on a cyclic basis and it will be distributed among the holders of Tokeneo tokens with the use of our exchange engine. Only the retention of TEO tokens at the exchange internal addresses will result in the participation in the distribution of profit.

The sum of the above-mentioned components will constitute the total income of the Tokeneo exchange. The holders of our tokens, entitled in this way to participate in the distribution can expect 50% of the entire generated profit from direct sources, which we get after deducting all the operating costs. The income from indirect sources can also be subject to the distribution. The distribution principles will be announced at a later date. In the section regarding the ICO thresholds we have included the principles under which we withdraw from this distribution scheme, if the subsequent fundraising objectives, expressed in USD, are reached.