Tokeneo Group
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From the very moment of launching the Tokeneo platform its users will have a chance to freely trade on the minimum of twenty five token markets, on which thanks to the raised funds we can ensure appropriate liquidity. The selection of these markets will correspond to the current sentiments in the industry, it will focus on the most interesting available technologies, the biggest potential for their growth and adoption, but also taking into account the expected turnover. We are determined to support the projects with long-term strategy and development plan and having the most solid foundations, since this is convergent with our own investing philosophy. We will also prop up the projects that can, to some degree, complement our own offer and extend the range of services rendered by Tokeneo so that we could remain competitive to other platforms.

Bitcoin will, at an early stage, serve as the main settlement currency for our entire ecosystem, hence the alternative currency markets will operate in pairs to Bitcoin. One of the highlights of our offer will also be the fiat markets, that is the markets of national currencies. We will make every endeavor to have at least one of the cryptocurrencies with the open fiat market for the currencies like EUR, USD or GBP already at the moment of the exchange launch. The options available to the users at the moment of the exchange roll-out will at the initial stage constitute the essence of our offer. At the very beginning Tokeneo will offer approximately twenty five cryptocurrency markets in pairs to Bitcoin. Tokeneo will also offer deposits in a selected fiat currency such as EUR or USD, which means opening additional markets in cryptocurrency pairs to fiat. Probably it will not come as a surprise to anyone that first we will focus on the Bitcoin-fiat markets, but we can guarantee that more are to come as early as this year. In order to facilitate access to our platform for as many people as possible, for the individuals trading in the national currencies other than EUR or USD a fully integrated system will be in place, allowing for the exchange of the already deposited funds into the target fiat currencies, whose markets will be opened in pairs to, for example Bitcoin.