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The holders of TEO token will participate in the distribution of profit generated by our trading platform in accordance with the principles specified in this document. The profit will be distributed on a cyclical basis and paid out directly into the internal wallets of the exchange users in order to avoid generating any additional costs in the form of transaction fees in the parent networks of the collected tokens.

Tokeneo will collect transaction fees in the form of tokens of individual currency pairs (for example, Bitcoin in pair to Litecoin) in each and every market we can expect income in the form of two tokens (in this case Bitcoin and Litecoin). The fees collected in this way will be divided proportionally to the number of the held TEO tokens and sent to the exchange wallets of the user participating in their distribution. The Tokeneo exchange does not guarantee disbursements in the form of any specific token. The current market situation and the sentiment of the persons trading on our platform will influence what tokens are subject to distribution and how many of them we can collect. Thanks to such solution, we can guarantee that only the tokens from the markets showing the highest liquidity and the ones attracting the biggest interest of traders will end up in the wallets of our shareholders. The decision pertaining to the manner of allocation of the income obtained in this way will permanently remain in the hands of the users.

The total of the collected fees in the form of various tokens from various sources in a given settlement period will serve as the basis for the calculation of the dividend to be paid out to the TEO Token holders. The term dividend should be defined as the difference between the cumulated fees and operating costs in a given period, decreased by half.

We expect that the exchange profit will be generated from many sources and it will be derived in the form of different tokens, therefore prior to performing our calculations we will be summing up individual tokens coming from transaction fees, fees for adding the markets, bot gains.

As the exchange operator, we are also in a position to influence the situation of our own token, and we intend to take advantage of this fact. The ICO participants can rest assured that at the moment of our platform being launched the Tokeneo token markets will be integrated and open. We would like to make sure that each and every token holder can trade in them freely, that is why we will do our utmost to ensure appropriate liquidity in all open markets. We have every confidence in our vision and we have adopted a long-term perspective, that is why we also cannot rule out any possible Tokeneo tokens repurchase directly from the market so that we could increase our shares in the total supply and in the gains generated by Tokeneo in the foreseeable future.