Tokeneo Group
Tokeneo ICO is LIVE! Join the crowdsale now and get a bonus!

Our concept consists in a core principle of an even distribution of profits between the exchange and the investors supporting it at an early stage. The total of transaction fees collected as a part of our system will be in 50% allocated automatically to the wallets of our users. The fees themselves can be collected in the form of all tokens available on the exchange, therefore as a TEO holder you will de facto be in a position to “mine” several, a dozen or so or even several dozen cryptocurrencies at once. The disbursements will remain proportionate to their involvement in the platform expressed by the amount of TEO tokens deposited on our exchange. In order to join the system, all you have to do is to register your account on our exchange and make even the smallest TEO deposit.

It is really very simple. The profits generated by Tokeneo markets will be distributed regularly and on a cyclical basis every day after the closing. We would like as many people as possible to be in a position to earn thanks to our platform, that is why we will not apply any quantitative or qualitative limitations in respect of our users. In Tokeneo each and every investor is more than welcome.